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Lf, ^0, 





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^ VcjcsV^ q-^oj-CSl_h. -W^ ^^^-^ ^^ ^^^ 

^~^^'-'"'^^'"^~^'«->'>jO, CKr-c-^S> C^sSnJL. V>-*^?>sJk_ "^X-oCli 


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4400 Virginia Beach Boulevard 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Volume XX 


Editorial Staff ^ ^> -^i' f%(,) 



Editor-in-Chief . ^. '^v^J^ "t! ^ 

Sue Pillow ^ ' " 

Assistant Editor . 

Renee Rinaldi 
Business Manager . . . 

Diane Babilon 
Advisor . . . 

Mrs. Nancy McGarrah 




Table of Contents 

Opening Section 1-15 

Communications .^ 16-41 

Signing Pages 42-43 

Dreams 44-63 

Friends 64-151 

Scores 152-179 

Queens 180-182 

Leaders .183-209 

Et Cetera 210-219 

Closing 220 

W& ca/i/ neotr^ Anatch a/HHi/> tA& (/ou^ to- cof?z&, 
^U/y U>€^ tAlMA a/HHi^ tAcm/ cui^iwu^. 

.And n^ CLhOfu/er^ 

i& Aed^H/i^ r?ie waiting 

. Cm/ :y /t'//f/o// 

% r ^1 



.And tx}morrotO' ioe^ mfffAt' not it' ty^etAer- 



Jo- ^'/l trt^ and <S€e^ into- 
^^^oti/^ e^€& ri^di// /lota^ 


' 6aaA& tAe&e are tAe^^^Hx/ a/d c/cu^. 

ANTICIPATION. Copyright ©1971 by Quackenbush Music, Ltd. Used by Permission of Quackenbush Music. Ltd. 


Walk into our school. Look around at 
the different people here. It Is 2,000 of 
these people that help to make 
Princess Anne the school it is, and it 
Is Princess Anne that helps to turn the 
dreams and aspirations of these 2,000 
people Into reality. 

Search the faces of the people you 
see. Every one. What is it that they're 
thinking . . . 


' ?§^$^88^^i3 














^' o^Soc 


















S.C.A. is government at work 

Jim Cannon. President: Karen Basgier, Vice-President, Kathie Cobbs, Secretary; Joe Johnson. Treasurer, Karen Ackerman, David Alger, 
Terry Byron. Jeannie Eller. Linda Farino, Brenda Michael, Jane Taft, Joe Venable. S.C.A. Representatives: Cindy Aragones, Annette Bach, 
Susan Barrett, Laura Brennan, Robert Brown. Ellen Bryson, Cathy Crabtree, Janet Crovatt, Marcia Dale. Phil Delignone, Nancy Dill, Barry 
Dorsk. Michael Doughtery, Aaron Duff. Cindy Elliot. Mark Ennls. Debbie Fentress, Susan Gentry. Donald Groom, Karen Gross. Kelly Harsh. 
Cindy Hatcher. Susan Hodges. Glenda Hoff. Mike Hogue. Kim Holmstrom. Martha Howell, Sharon Lombard, Cy Mclntire, Mike McDaniel, Lev 
McElvey. Cy MacKanzie. Linda Middleton, Kim Morrison, Margie Morrison. Susie Noona, Steve Noles. Vickie Petrie, Can Piter, Karen Pos- 
sage, Joni Poulos, Madonna Rich, Laura Ruff, Sylvia Salmon, Terry Sawyer, Kathi Scott, Robert Schuendomon, Helen Souser, Lani Soulsby. 
Sherry Stetham, Jen Stephesn, Jane Taft, Terry Trinca, Brenda Totten, Donna Vandenburg, Joyce Violette, Denise Ward, Shirley Wilkins, John 
Wilson. Shirley Wilson. Francis Zuidence 

ICC -a 

determined group 


The ICC is made up of vice-presidents of clubs and classes. It s mam ob)ectives are Homecoming and Candy Cane Homecoming was held 
November 1, 1974. Many city leaders came to watch P.A. womp Lake Taylor. Candy Cane was held in December, and was enpyed by all. 


German club started at P. A. 

Elliot Watson, Be_ 

use, Ted Hawver, ^ 

ivid Alger, An ^ § 
^ w ? 

C/3 O 

- m 
-5? E 


=3 W ? 

(c 0) :r 

::: 3 fB 

u ' uunQ piABQ 'j8A|nQ BnOQ 'U3>|30J3 LUOi aaJiqeJO Bpuion-| auiiQ pieuoQ 'uosjbq ubiv uosAjg uang 'u/wojg 6noa UBLUMog Pjabq 'B)) ^. 
~y 'sBessod u^JB>^ 'uojjacj Asjpny 'jiauuDao Ajb|/\| ■uosjaL|0|N iiap'uBqaaiAi uuy Ajb^\| 'zijb|/\) uBug 'ujubi/m inBd '^^o-\ Apu!|/\| '6ul>^ jjy ■pP!>i 

Trinity sells mints to help YYslCA 

Diane Babilon, Amy Bennett, 
Tracey Blake, Julie Garrison, 
Aubrey Graham, Cindy Hatch- 
er, Melanie Hill, Kim Holm- 
strom, Kathy Kaiser, Debbie 
Logan, Cindy Mann, Nancy 
Neal, Sue Pillow, Michele 
ReDavid, Karen Six, Donna 
Slaughter, Terri Smith, Tricia 
Smith, Doug Stroud, Shirley 
Wilkins, Dolly Young, Marty 


Key Club grows 
At Princess Anne 

Keyettes are Big Sisters 

Pres. — Joan Davis: V. Pres. — Linda Fanno 
Treas. — Mary DiNardo; Sec. — Erin Kelley 

Donna Ahles, Jayne An- 
arine, Cathy Brittingham. 
Barbara Burrows. 
Connie Bush. Nancy 
Butler, Linda Chapman, 
Jan Chevalier, Janet 
Crovatt, Cathy Cobbs, 
Civil Culligar, Joan 
Davis, Laura Darwin, 
Mary DiNardo, Leslie 
Doline, Candy Ewell, 
Dinda Fanno, Cindy 
Fisher, Kim Furbee, Me- 
linda Gaskins, Debbie 
Greenberg, Regina 
Handel, Becky Holden, 
Sharon Kelberg, Mary 
Jones, Erin Kelley, Mary 
McKee, Brenda Mi- 
chaels. Karen Possage, 
Stephanie Rountree. 
Brenda Legg, Valerie 
Spells, Sherry Steitheim, 
Cmdy Turner, Vicki 

The Keyettes are a national service club. They 
aid in the STOP program at St. Adian's Church. 
The Keyettes paint the ICC bulletin board every 
year and sell corsages both for Homecoming 
and the Candy Cane Ball. The Keyettes support 
athletic events by making banners and spirit 
tags for the games. 


Knights of the square table 
promote chess at PA 

Alger, David 
Venable, Joe 
Street, Anne 
Watson, Jeff 
Kelbey, Jeff 
Kaiser, John 
VanHulle, Keith 
Bertka, Richard 
Hoff, Glenda 
Crest, Kevin 
Everett, Elizabeth 
Marusa, John 
Walworth, Mark 

President — David Alger; V.Pres. Jeff Watson 

Secretary — Anne Street; Hist. Joe Venable; Treas. Kevin Crest 

This is the Chess 
Club's first year as a 
complete official 
club. The mem- 
bership is open to 
all with an interest 
in chess. The club 
also amended their 
Constitution so that 
anyone wishing to 
play as a member 
may do so, after the 
business meeting. 


You can play chess anywhere 

Cheerleaders add spirit to P. A. 

9 f :ri^_ 

First and ten 

Varsity Squad: Cindy Parsons. Nancy Butler, Kim Furbee. 
Mary Barrett, Debbie Logan, Kim Cervell, Cathy Kennedy, 
Joann Filo, Shirley Wilkins. Us Kim and Cathy again! 

"A ^^ 


Naval Junior 
Reserve Officer 
Training Corps 

Remains At 
Princess Anne 

The Naval Science Program has finished another year at Princess Anne High School, this is the programs 

N.J.R.T.C. deals with developing leadership potential in the people enrolled in the course. Experience varies 
from the basic class instruction to field work dealing with the subject being studied. Each year the Cadets find 
themselves on various trips bringing them into contact with the everyday sailor. Undoubtedly this course is one 
of the most extensive at Princess Anne. This year the Cadets have again enlarged their number in the Corps. 
With each new student enrolled in the program, is a new experience, not just for the Cadet, but for the Corps as 
well. The system is set up so each person knows his relationship to the Corps, and responsibility to his nation. 

During his tenure in the Corps, each Cadet is able to participate in many extra curricular activities offered by 
the Corps. Riffle Team, Drill Team or Color-Guard are the teams available. Basketball, Baseball and Football 
are the intramural sports played by the Cadets, against other high schools. 

The Corps of Cadets is a training program not a military program. The uniforms and regulations that each Cadet 
follows is to acquaint him with the Navy, and the military in general. 


R.O.T.C. Seniors 


Georgia Robinson, President: Julie Simmons, 
Vice-President; Lori Lebrecht, Secretary; 
Eileen Meehan, Treasurer; Anne Clark. Histori- 
an. Carol Buchan. Kathy Gilpatrick, Nancy 
Horan. Mary Jones, Frances Pomnitz. Angle 
Postove, Renee Rinaldi. Evie Roberge, Georgia 
Robinson, Maureen Scott, Colleen Woodward 

Future Nurses visit area hospitals 

FN A checks P.A.'s life signs 

Alpha-Y visits County Jail ! 

Debbie Greenberg, President; Jackie Barnish, Vice-President; Monica McPartland, Treasurer; Tari 
Simpson, Secretary; Renne Lober, Reporter Historian; Carroll Duike, Chaplain. Becky Borcik, Terry 
Ewers, Terry Huerta, Marcella Racine. Susan Whisman 

Alpha-Y sponsors child overseas 


Pep Club 
sells penants 

Pep Club helps out at assembly. 

Lundi Cohen, President; Jerl Stephens, Vice-President; Patty Van Petten, Treasurer; Terri Smith, Secretary. Joy Abramson, Mary Barrett, 
Sandy Bergman, Karen Bonney, Debbie Logan, Marcella Racine, Ann Throckmorton 

Rest In Pieces 

David Alger, Robert 
Bostic, Donald Fran- 
genburg, Vicki Lu- 
cente. Matt O'Donnell, 
Sue Prentice, Carol 
Stegemann, Anne 

^:' 55l \A "^M "fA Mf^ fA 

T.R.A.D.E. teaches just facts 


DECA examines the 

y Stacy. Debbie Strickland. David S_ 

A ■.^. Cindy Merritt, Tedy Milliro 5 

Howell. Jim Howerin. J ^ 

Sharon Eason. Cm 

Ashworth. Jackie "^ ^rB 
CD m o 



D O 2. = H 

^ -'* -~ O O 

^ ^ ^ 3 

r 9f (? - -o 

X ■< Q. ^ £ 

< :2 o Qj 2. 

i- ^ -^ o g 

<L ^ to :3- -, 

TT- - ^ O S 

^ "> Q) ? 2r 

S^ -=^ ^ '" ^ 
3- = g.o < 

"= a o o S 

DD cu ' </) ' 

<T> 3 5 §• H 

U ■ C_ (B 3 

- Z O ■< (0 

> o * ^ 
=■ 3 y o s 

? - c_ 5 ej 

CD O Q) 5^ B> 

o s i -<' 5 
^ y O 0) 5 

CB Tl S tD ff 

z vj a) < -• 

iQ <D ^ ::j •< 

3- - ■< - 

-'* t- L -n < 

^ Q> ? O 3 

- O cr o ^ 

CT 2 - tn 3 

S; Q. (B - o 

.<0 Og^O < 

fl) 0) 3 tt) 

W 3 to 5 D 

2 S s <» o 

CD ?o9} « 

-. jr- O ^ - 

5 P ^ i^ § 

5 f < 5; (B 

(Q ■< D (B 3 

buu(j uMu liJii MOJjng eJBqieg- -j, ^ 3 5 
si||3 uaqno 6aJ9 auojquJBio Bjn" 
p\j iip<;nc ivsAAaz.Tjpsj RinBj i^sm 


•M3 'MJi^X 9uaj| '|)(SMazDJe>< uesns 'i>(S«8Z3je>< einBd 'i))SMi 
jind uaaiiOQ ajood aiqqaQ soiood aisng sdinigd auaiJBQ 
MM Ajjags 'SLueijjiAA auuBzns 'iazDioiM Apnp jauiig/vA Bpun 'ajBM iujuji>(v 'PJ 


O 0) 

mou 3. 

>(V 'pje/v\ ujir' 


Job Situation 

D.E. II Boasts Many Students 

President — 

Matthew Ambrose 
Vice-President — 

Denise Driscoll 
Secretary — 

Ronda Mauldm 
Treasurer — 

Donna Spells 
Parlimentarian — 

Brenda Tnscho 
Reporter — 

Linda Lawrence 
Chaplain — 

Cindy Merrit 

D.E. Ill Members 

The DECA has sponsored many 
events this year. A few of those are 
the Skating party, Christmas party, 
and the Senior farewell dinner. They 
have participated in many Confer- 
ences susch as District Leadership, 
State Leadership, and Career Devel- 
opment. They also had and Apprecia- 
tion Banquet for Employee and em- 
ployer. In the Spring there will be a 


p. A. Band Wins 


■^ wdjIng^tflavaliErs ^ 


"Presenting . . 

Spectators come out to watch P. A. band not play. 

P. A. Majorettes show a variety of skills 


Tidewater Invitational 

f\^ h^^ 

Rifle team stresses unity of heightti. 

Chris Ackiss, Brenda Bancroft, Carol Bussey, Doris Cagle, Cindy Chambers, Gina Cook, Debbie Crank, Marialice Delaney, Leslie Doline, Kelly 
Ann Dooley, Vickie Edwards, Candy Ewell, Suzanne Farmer, Linda Flora, Rena Gary, Mary Harcum, Susan Hartley, J.J. Hembree, Nancy 
Horan, Kathie Kelly, Susan Kennedy, Irene Kolantis, Patty Lamberty, Laura Link, Kathy fVlcAdams, Rose McClanan, Cy IVIclntire, Cindy Mann, 
Patty Martin, Betty Moss, Ruth Moss, Donna Naugle, Vicki Nervig, Debby Nevitt, Diane Nevitt, Mata Payton, Carrie Pitman, Sharon Plisco, 
Cheryl Reagan, Robin Richison, Renee Rinaldi, Sylvia Salmon, Kathy Salo, Jean Souza, Debbie Stepp, Lori Street, Tina Thomas, Rory Trapp, 
Margaret Utiey, Debbie Wilson, Violet Womack 

"We've got to stop meeting like 
this . . ." 

Susan Walker uses fire to illuminate her banner. 


At rest or at play 

tit i^w 


p. A. Band looks great! 



>^ ''j>i 

-"'- -"^- -' '■■'■^- -^ '■ 



NHS Taps 21 New Members 

The first dance of 
the year was spon- 
sored by the NHS. 
making 51,000 to be 
used for scholar- 
ships for NHS. They 
also do monthly ser- 
vice projects for the 
community, particu- 
larly the SPCA. By 
this and other proj- 
ects the members 
earn points toward 

President — Brenda Michael 
Vice-President — Vicki Lucenfe 
Secretary — Mary Barrett 
Treasurer — Harold Lewis 

On Oct. 16 the tapping m ceremony took place 
in the auditorium. Afterwards a reception was 
held for all new and old members and their 
parents. Scholarships will be given on awards 
day in Spring NHS students tutor and help 
teachers during the year. They also pick teacher 
superlatives m the Spring. 


JNHS Honors Underclassmen 

French National 
Honor Society 

President — Jim Cannon 
Vice-President — Cindy Turner 
Secretary — Joyceanne Beamon 
Treasurer — Beth Blocker 

Awbrey, Lauryn 
Beamon, Joyceanne 
Blocker, Elizabeth 
Brittingham, Cathy 
Cannon, Jim 
Cervell, Lisa 
Crovatt, Janet 
Delaney, Marialice 
Horan, Nancy 
Jones, Lisa 
Kloc, Mary 
Krest, Kathy 
LaRock. Brenda 
Mansfield, Billie Jo 
McKee, Mary 
McDaniel, Michael 
ReDavid, Michelle 
Skibinski, Patty 
Thomson, Don 
Turner, Cindy 
Michaels, Brenda 


Espanol Is Active At PA 

President — Gaye Glaze 
Vice-Pres. — Chris Christensen 
Secretary — Kim Humphreys 
Treasurer — Harold Lewis 
Reporter-Hist. — Veronica Carrolle 

George Atham. Carolyn Ayres, Roberta Baker, Susan 
Bistrop, Connie Bush, Tenny Campbell, Darlene Car- 
penter, Tammy Carroll, Chris Christensen, Civil 
Culligan, Bill Daknis. Kalvin Ethrrige, Milinda Fields, 
Cindy Fisher. Karen Flaut. Vicki Fraiix, Katie Galvin, 
Kathy Gaus, Gaye Glaze, Jeff Harley, Brian Hall, Kim 
Humphreys, Laura Irwin, Jeff Kellery, Jimmy Laydon. 
Jeff Leonard. Harold Lewis, Jeffery Nickerson, David 
Prescott, Richard Roberts, Tim Roenker, Maureen 
Scott, John Shelton, Robin Shinholser. Debbie Stepp, 
Mike Todd. Karen Waldo, Colleen Woodward. 

The Spanish Club has been busy this year with a 
Pumpkin Sale in October, Caroling m December, A 
Candy Sale in January, a bowling party and SPCA 
workday in April, and finally the Inauguration of new 
officers Party in May. 



President — Civil Culligan 
Vice-Pres. — Bernard Skibinski 
Secretary — Mary Ann Meehan 
Treasurer — Anne Lawrence 
Historian — Harold Lewis 

Mary Lynn Bozza, Debbie Caminiti, Robert Chestnut, Chris 
Christensen Civil Culligan, Mary Dmardo, Leslie Doline, 
James Ganyer, Karen Gross, Jeff Harley, Harold Lewis, 
Maureen Maloney, Marry Ann Meehan. Brenda OBrien, Bien- 
niedo Pancho, Leslie Porter, Renee Rinaldi, Bill Dakmis, Cindy 
Williams, Anne Lawrence, Bernie Skibinski. 

The events scheduled for the Spanish National Honor Society 
this year were a Candy Sale in November, school service 
projects, and the initiation of new members and reception in 



Tri-M Keeps Their Minds On Music 

The Merry Madrigals! 

Mr, Graves, Sponsor; Brenda Ewers; Craig 
Byrnes; Vicki Lucente; Barry Gomez; 
Sandra Gentry; Bill Pendergrass; Joan 
Davis; Harold Lewis; Lisa Southhall; Darrell 
Lewis; Patty Gentry; Dean Doody; Janet 
Hastings; Bill Taylor; Debbie Morrison; 
Gary Williams; Jeanie Eller 


Club Activities Go Beyond PA 

GAA Sponsors Powderpuff Game 

' •> 

" t V ■" 


Girls Chorus Keeps On Singing 

A Capella Choir 
Makes Beautiful Music 


Art Club Follows Their Own Designs 

Young Life Rides The Waves 


Nature Attracts Science Club 

Varsity Club Runs Concession Stand 


Thespians attend state Conference. 

Aaron Oliver 
Joe Johnson 
Vice Pres. 
Annette Bach 
Jim Cannon 

Mike Airington 
Karen Ackerman 
Craig Byrnes 
Barbara Carder 
Tammie Carmen 
Pat Casey 
Chris Christensen 
Gail Clifton 
Debbie Collier 
Betty Compton 
Linda Defir 
Ray Dunn 
Mary Escajeda 
Candy Ewell 
Randal Greene 
Sam Gaus 
Sarah Gauter 
Barbara Keller 
Kathy Lee 
Mike MacDonald 
Linda Middleton 
Vicki Milliken 
Lola Murrell 
Kathy Novick 
Suzanne Ore 
Brenda Brian 
Anne Postove 
Andy Reid 
Richard Roberts 
Arthur Sheuy 
Cindy Smith 
Ernie Swarlz 
Jane Taft 
Donna Vandeburg 
Debbie Wolfred 

Thespians participate m SCA assembly. 


Jr. Civitan Adopt a family 

Karen Ackerman, Joyceanne Beaman.Tab Blazek, David Brown, Peggy Bruyneel, Craig Byrnes, Anna Crandall, 

•suiBHMM ^PU!0 'IJsqil juox 'ueqa9i/\| uuv Ajbi/\| 'lameaoiAi leeiioii/M sims-i p|Ojbh 'S!M8-| i|8jjbq 'Apauuax ijoos 

FBLA G/i;es Practical Experience 

Broker, Beth 
Brown, Denise 
Carpenter, Darlene 
Carpenter, Doreen 
Chapin, Terry 
Cinamon, Susan 
Coats, Vivian 
Creager, Pam 
Doss, Pat 
Due, Mary 
Gentry, Patty 
Gentry, Sandy 
Hatfield, Phyllis 
Knisley, Cindy 
Lee, Sheryl 
Mann, Shirley 
Mayo, Janice 
Monoco, Mary Alice 
Neal, Nancy 
Nevitt, Debbie 
Norrell, Sharon 
Plackett, Cheryl 
Resavage, Debbie 
Rich, Madonna 
Salo, Cathy 
Seacrest, Sherry 
Shields, Beth 
Spencer, Caria 
Steelman, Cathy 
Wahlig, Rochelle 


^C^>u4iIxi.wiDt(L ^ bw . 

Ji oJ-A^iA. -^ ac>v^ tie^J i^<j^ i^JU>c^ Kc^v-<- cx^^.<rtU^. sA-X-J 

L.^^^ ^'ol vfoo^ >c«Ajr^] 






v! - 


Signing space donated by the 1974-75 Newspaga Staff 

■^>CN^ 'afe-i^ V^^'i:^ qR Q_-So.-oQ:Sq^ 
^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ mC?.^^ ^Q\-\ 

-w-^ ^ h „ H„ ^TToip.^ 





■ '■■ X 

/ , 

■ '.■:-.■■:'■■.;■!■ .'■■y.-.]<\\_^y ■]■.■: 

'•. /.:/■■.■_■'■'.■'.■. ■••..■ ;■ . 

' ■-'■'■ • ' ■ ■ ■"■"■■^^i5Ss>^"^^>^^ 

c. . ... ■■■'/.■'.■■'■'■' '■'■ ■ 

;^'-■•.■•^'•• .■■■-:•■•■'■••■• •••:, 








:«' ^^^^ 




^Wl^S ^-^I^^K: 

S^'i^itSi&Sv&' .'l»>!^viu 


M^ . ;t%^t^%$l^*^^^^l^^**«^*^^^^^^ 



Kim Cervell Reigns at Homecoming 

Sophomore MICHELLE ZABORNIAK was escorted 
by Chris Wilkinson. 

Miss Kim Cervell was crowned Homecoming 
Queen 1974. She was escorted by Mike Fariss. 
There were seven girls on the Senior court, two 
girls on the Junior court, and two girls 
represented the Sophomore court. 





^ f 

DEBBIE RAGLAND of the sophomore court was es- 
corted by Zac Whisman. 


The Homecoming game was enhanced 
by the band and drill team's perform- 
ance during halftime. A parade of 
floats added to the festivities. To top 
off the night's events, Princess Anne 
won the football game over the Lake 
Taylor Titans with a score of 14-12. 

Senior Float Takes Top Prizes 


NJROTC and Band Make Good Showing 


Senior Girls Win Powder Puff 

Purell's Pretty Playmates defeated the Junior team with a score of 12-0. The Juniors were coached by Mr. 
Beskins, Mr. Hyatt, and Mr. McCrory. Junior Terry Fremd was voted Best Defensive player, while Eva 
Shinholser, of the Senior team, claimed the title of the Best Offensive player. Also a Senior, Cindy Clemmons 
was voted Most Valuable player. 



Judy Sheetz and Donna Spells pay a visit to SANTA 

Teacher's Baby Pictures 
Displayed in Foyer 


The play 'If a Man Answers" was an entirely student 
directed and produced play. Jim Cannon did an out- 
standing job as director. Toni Spagnuolo played the 
female lead part as Chantal Stacey, while Aaron 
Oliver took the male lead as Gene Wright. Other im- 
portant characters in the cast were Alan Walworth, 
Leigh Going, Annette Bach, and Joe Johnson. Barbara 
Keller was stage manager. 







I ^^, £. 






— ^ 




''This strange generation . . . 


* V 


exists between 



sleeping and waking. 


It holds in its hands 




The soil of the past 

y * - , -• ' ■- a 


Ana the seeds 


of the future." - Kahlil Gibran 


"L//^ is not 

Only merriment; 

Life is desire 

and determination/' -Gibran 

''Perplexity is the beginning 



U t 

of knowledge/' 

Kahlil Gibran 









, ■» 


^v^^wSc-' ■■ ■ 



'^^ ■ 










^OC/O*' *■ 









, . 

■ -".'■ 

■ ■-n\XN\ 


X vC 

jJV,- ■ » 












■ -(VVv^ X lOC 




- '"-"' ^ -i^M y'O' 












• vv 


K-' ■''■.\'-' ■'<■'■ 

'." -'-^ ". " -" " . 

.'■'". * 








'V\ ■ ' ■ 


























' ■"*■ " 






Honor Graduates 1974-75 

Stephen Weber 


Brenda Michael 


Bruce Brace Michael Burleson Craig Byrnes 

Civil Culligan Joan Davis Mary Dmardo 

Annette Bach Robert Blanks Joyce Barrett Mary Barrett 

Daniel Garns Melinda GasKins Shelia Glaze Ch.idcs Gnsson 

Kelly Harsh 

Paul Campbell James Cannon Cindy Clemmons Gail Chiton Robert 

Russell Doody Michael Ehrlich Richard Etter Brenda Ewers Melissa Gallop 

David Hatch Kim Jaszewski Joseph Johnson 

Julia Johnson Janet Jones 

Kathleen Kennedy Susan Lalonde Anne Lawrence Brenda Legg Darrell Lewis 



Harold Lewis Debra Logan Victoria Lucente Thomas MarchanI John Marusa James McBee Michael McDamels Mary Meehan 

Karen Millikan Wanda Morgan Timothy Mulcare Lola Murrell 

Nancy Neal 

Vicki Nervig Deborah Nevilt Susan Norton 


Charles Plisco Susan J Prentice David Ramsey Allan Rodrick Kathleen Ruesch Terry Schactner Eva Shinholser Edward Siska 


Lisa Southall 

Mira Spivak 

Shirley Stanley Carol Stegeman Demse Stelzned Barbara Straight Edith Street 

Joni Timmel 

Joseph Venable Craig Vosler Bernard Wemstein Karen White Bethany Whiteford Lynn Wolf 


Sr. Class Officers: Craig Byrnes, Pres.; Dean Doody, Vice-Pres.; Barbara 
Keller, Treas.; Kathy Kennedy, Sec; Joe Venable, Rep. Hist.: Mrs. Huling, 
Sponsor; Mrs. Sefert, Sponsor. 

The Senior Class started the school year early by 
painting their class symbol, a rainbow, on the gym 

This was followed by candy sales which were a big 
success. As a result of this and other money making 
projects done through the four years, the Seniors held 
a dedication ceremony in which they gave a marquee 
to the school. Also given to the school by the Senior 
class were scholarships. To enable them to give these 
gifts, they sponsored a Sadie Hawkins Dance in Feb- 

Between selling candy and holding dances, the Se- 
niors studied for SAT tests, applied for colleges, and 
wrote research papers. 

After all this work, the Seniors were rewarded with 
Senior Day which was held on the 75th day of school. 

The most important event, the prom was held at the 
Commodore Perry on May 23 and the Seniors danced 
to the music of Smee II. 

The Class of 75 has worked together well and will 
be long remembered at Princess Anne. 

Seniors - 

Hard Work Repaid With Diploma 


Class of '75 
Spends Special 

Karen A. Ackerman 

Dee Dee I. Agostlnoni 

Karen Ackerman Class President 11; SCA Representative 12; Steering Committee 8. 

9, 10, 11, 12; Intra-School Exchange 12; ICC Representative 11; Junior Civitan 12; 
Scepter 10, 12, Treas.11; Drama Club 12; Pow/der Puff Team 11, 12; Homecoming 
Court 12; IVIay Court 10; LOOK HOI^EWARD ANGEL 11; Girls Varsity Basketball 11, 
12; Executive Board 11; Big Brother Committee Chairman 12. 

Dee Dee Agostinoni DE Club 10, 11, 12. 

Donna Ahles Class Sec. 8; SCA Representative 8, 9. 10. 11. 12; A Capella ChorusS, 

10, 11; Trinity 12; GAA 8, 9, 10, 11. 12; Povvder Puff Team 11; JV Hockey 9. 10; Var- 
sity Field Hockey 11, 12 

David Alger SCA Officer 11, 12 Chmn. Grounds and Building; SCA Representative 
11; Steering Committee 11. 12; Peerage Staff 12; Science Club 11. 12: NJROTC 10. 
Ens. 11, 12; TRADE 11, Junior Achievement V. Pres. 11. Pres. 12. 

Richard Allard JV Football 10. JV Golf 11; Varsity Golf 12. 


^^f^vveD 1 


Donna M. Ahles 

Jeffrey S. Agar 


David C. Alger 

Richard L. Allard 

Donna L. Agullar 

Charlotte J. Allen 

Kevin B. Allen 


Kim Allen 

Kim Allen Class President 8: Steering Committee 8.9 10 11.12: Intra-School 
Exchange 10: Girls Chorus 8.9.10: FNHS 11 

Matthew Ambrose DE Club Parlimen 11, President 12: Varsity football 10 11.12. 

Jeannette Ament A Capella Chorus 9.10.11: Girls Chorus 8. 

Steve Arnold Page Staff 11.12; Drama Club 12; Senior class communications. 

Ruth Ascercion SCA Representative 11, Steering Committee 10; National Honor So- 
ciety 11.12; Jr. National Society 9,10; ICC Representative 11; Scepter 11. Treas. 12; 
FBLA 11. 

Matthew Ambrose 

Jeanette Ament 

Tim Angel 

Steve Arnold 

Ruth C. Ascercion 

Brenda Ashworth 

Painting The Class Symbol 
Was Sometimes Confusing 

George Atkins 

David Awbrey 

Painting the root was long, but enjoyable. 


Seniors Respect 
Sponsor's Support 

Debbie Barnish 

Susan Barrett 

Diane Babilon Steering Committee 8.9; Peerage Staff 11, Bus IVIng. 12; National 
Honor Society 12; Jr. National Honor Society 10; Girls' Ctiorus 8; Pep Club 10; ICC 
Representative 12; Trinity 10,11. Pres. 12; Powder Puff Team 11, 

Annette Bacfi Class Sec 11; SCA Representative 12; Steering Committee 9.10,11.12; 
Jr National Honor Society 10. FNHS 10; Drama Club Sec, 12; Best Supporting 

Rick Banta SCA Representative 8,9,10,11,12; ICC Representative 12; Key Club 12. 
Varsity Club 11. Sgt Arms 12; Trinity Mascot 12; Powder Puff Cfieering 11,12; JJV 
football 8.9; JV Basketball 9.10; Tennis 10.11.12; Varsity Basketball 11,12. 

Tom Barker JV Wrestling 8, Varsity Wrestling 11, 

Roberta Barnum Page Staff 11; A Capella Chorus 9. fvlarcfilng Band 11.12; B Band 
10; All Regional Band 11; BELLE OF THE WEST 10; Transfer Student 9; German 
Club 12, 

Susan Barrett SCA Representative 8.12, Steering Committee 8,9,10,11,12; Science 
Club 12; Spanish Club 9.10; Scepter 11.12. GAA 10; Powder Puff Team 11.12; Who s 
Who; Young Life 10,11.12. 

Class rivalry Is evident in the halls. 


Mary Barrett Steering Committee 10. 11. 12: Intra-School Exchange 12: National 
Honor Society 10. 11. Sec. 12: Jr. National Honor Society 10; A Capella Criorus 11. 
12: Girls' Chorus 10; Varsity Cheerleading 11. 12; JV Cheerleadmg 10: Pep Club 11. 
12: Scepter 10. 11. Sec. 12: GAA 11. 12: Powder Puff Team 11. 12; Tennis Team 

Viki Belkov DE Club 11, 12. 

Becky Bethard A Capella Chorus 11. 

Suzan Bistrup Homeroom Officer 8; Marching Band 10, 11. 12: A Band 10. 11; B 
Band 8. 9. 12; Spanish Club 11; Powder Puff Team 11, 12; ROTC Drill Team. Rifle 
Team 10. 11. 12: Drill Team Cdr.; Operations Officer; Asst. Rifle Team Coach. 

Senior Debby Nevitt executes one of many duties as Captain of Drill Team. 

Mary Barrett 

Robert D. Bostic 

Cheryl R. Batdorf 

Viki L. Belkov 

■&' TUFSl^S^a 


lA^ ^m 

James E. Belvin III Becky M. Bethard 


Night of 

Dan Bethea 

Suzan Bistrup 

Raymond N Bjorkman 

Seniors Show School Routine 

John Bledsoe Indoor Track 10,11; Outdoor Track 10; Cross Country 11; ROTC Drill 
Team, Rifle Team, CDR.; Color Guard. 

Karen Bonney Steering Committee 11,12; Pep Club 10.11,12; Coronet 11,12; DE Club 
10; FBLA 11,12; GAA 10,11,12; Powder Puff Team 11,12; Girls' Basketball 12. 

Keven Bohanan 

Karen L. Bonney 

Maureen M. Bowing 

Bruce R. Brace 

Robin L. Brisbane 


Jim A. Broughton 

Chuck R. Brown 

Robert O. Brown 

Robert Brown SCA Representative 12; Band Council 10.12: B Band 8,9: Marching 
Band 10,11,12; All Regional Band 10.11,12; Tri-M 10,11, Treas 12. 

Sherri Bruce 8 Band 8.9; Powder Puff Team 12 

Peggy Bruyneel Steering Committee 8.12: A Capella Chorus 12: Girls Chorus 8: Jr. 
Civitan 12: FHA 8. 

Tracy Bryan SCA Representative 10.11: Homeroom Officer 10,12: Steering Com- 
mittee 11. 

Carol Buchan SCA Representative 11: Homeroom Officer 11: Future Nurses Club 11, 

Sherri M. Bruce 

Margaret L. Bruyneel 




I ^^r "' ' ^^^^1 

^^^^^H^^B "^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

HUh^^m.^ ,^^^1 

^^^\ ^^V^^^^^l 

^^^^k. VFrr] 

ff^N\ C ^H 


y ifl 


Deborah Bryan 

John R. Bryant 

Carol J. Buchan 




Aaron Oliver counts down the hours and minutes to graduation 


National Honor Society 
Taps Many Deserving 

Betsey Burke SCA Representative 8,9: Steering Committee 9,10,11,12: Drill Team 11, 
GAA 9,10,11,12: Powder Puff Team 12, 

Carol Bussey Drill Team 10,11,12: Powder Puff Team 11,12, 

Gaines Burnett SCA Representative 11. 

Craig Byrnes Steering Committee 10,11, Pres. 12: Peerage Staff 11,12, Jr National 
Honor Society 10: A Capella Cfiorus 11,12: Jr Civitan 12; Drama Club 11,12: FBLA 
Chap. 10; BELLE OF THE WEST 10; Madrigal 10,11,12: Tri-tVI 10, Treas. 11,12; 
Regional Cfiorus 10,11,12; State Alt 11,12. 

James Cannon SCA President 12, SCA Representative 9, ICC Representative 12; Na- 
tional Honor Society 11,12; Debate Team 11; FNHS 10,11, Pres. 12; Key Club 12; 
10: JV Football 9; Track 10,11; Governor's Scfiool for tfie Gifted; UVa. Science Sym- 
posium, National Merit Semi — finalist. Cross Country 11. 

Michael C. Burgett 

Michael L. Burleson 

Buddy Burnett 

Craig A. Byrnes 

Paul Campbell 

James R. Cannon 

Beverly J, Carey 


Thomas Carlin Tennis Team 11.12. 

David Cassidy A Capella Chorus 10: Marching Band 11.12; B Band 10,11,12. 

Kim Cervell Steering Committee 11.12; Varsity Cheerleading 11,12; JV Cheerleading 
10; Scepter 10.11,12: GAA 10. Treas. 11.12: Homecoming Court 11: Queen 12: May 
Court Queen 10; Varsity Field Hockey 11.12; JV Field Hockey 10: Girls State 11. 

Linda Chapman Jr. National Honor Society 10: Drill Team 10; Pep Club 10; GAA 10. 

Jan Chevalier Pep Club 10: JV Field Hockey 9.10; Varsity Field Hockey 11.12. 

Charlene Clemens SCA Representative 10: Marching Band 11.12: B Band 9.10: C 
Band 8: Powder Puff Team 11. 

Lawrence Clemens Marching Band; All Regional Band 9,10,11; B Band 8; 
JV Football 9; Wrestling 10; Tri-M 12; A Band 10,11,12. 

Thomas J. Carlin 

Mike W. Carlson 

David Cassidy 

Kim L. Cervell 

Linda G. Chapman 

Jan P. Chevalier 

Chris A. Christensen Charlene A. Clemens Lawrence Clemens 


Announcements answer a lot of questions. 

Stephen A. Clement Cynthia G. Clemmons 

Gail Clifton 

Tony Clement Steering Committee 10.11.12; Drama Club 11.12, 

Cynthia G. Clemmons Class President 9; SCA Representative 8; Steering Committee 
8.9.10,12; A Capella 10; Girls' Chorus 8,9; Pep Club 8; ICC Representative 9; 
Powder Puff Team 11,12; Miss PA Pageant 9.10; SOUND OF f^^USIC 8; Varsity Gym- 
nastics 9. 

Gail M. Clifton Steering Committee 10.11,12: Jr, National Honor Society 10; ICC 
Representative 12; Jr Civitan 10. Sec 11,12; Scepter 11,12; Drama Club 12; Powder 
Chesapeake District (Jr. Civitan), 

Vivian Coats Steering Committee 8, Girls' Chorus 10; FBLA 11.12; Powder Puff Team 
12; COE 11,12; TRADE 11, 

Donna Cochenour GAA 11,12; Transfer Student 11, 
Robert Cooper Boys State 12. 
Patty Core COE 12; Powder Puff Team 11. 
Mike Courtney Varsity Club 8; Tennis Team 9. 

Seniors Prepare To Face The World 

Vivian M. Coats 

Donna M. Cochenour William E. Coleman 

Robert T. Copper 

Patty Core 

IVIike Courtney 


Extra Hours Spent By Seniors 

John Crandall 

Nancy J. Crawford 

Mike Craig Track 8. 

Don Crawford Powder Puff Cheerleader 11,12; JV Football 10. 

Civil Culligan SCA Representative 11; Steering Committee 11, 12; National Honor 
Society 12; Jr. National Honor Society 10,11; Spanisti Club 11,12; Keyettes 11,12; 
Spanisfi National Honor Society 11, Pres. 12. 

Joe Dahlheimer Steering Committee 11; Science Club 11; Key Club 12; Basketball 
10,11; Softball 11. 

Joan Davis SCA Representative 12; National Honor Society 11.12; Jr. National Honor 
Society 10; A Capella Ctiorus 11; ICC Representative 11; Science Club 12; Junior 
Civitan 10,11; Keyettes 10, V. Pres 11, Pres. 12; GAA 10,11, Sec. 12; Powder Puff 
Team 11,12; Homecoming Court 10,12; May Court 10; JV Field fiockey 10; Varsity 
field fiockey 11, Co-Capt. 12; Varsity Basketball 11,12, Co-Capt; Transfer Student 10; 
Madrigals 12; Regional Chorus 11; Scholastic Team 10; Girls Stale 11 

John Dean Varsity Club 10,11,12; Cross Country 10.11,12; Indoor Track 10,11,12; 
Outdoor Track 9,10,11,12. 

Snookie M. Cutchins 

Joan E. Davis 


To Achieve Personal Satisfactions 

Mary E. DiNardo 

Brenda V. Dillard 

Stacye A. Dill 

William E. Dickerson Theresa A. Dickerson 

Mary DiNardo Steering Committe 8.9,10, Peerage Staff 9,10, National Honor Society 
10,11,12; Jr. National Honor Society 10; Marctiing Band 10, All Regional Band 9; B 
Band 8,9. Pep Club 8; Keyettes 11, Treas 12; Trinity 12, GAA 9,10, Sec, 11. Pres. 12; 
Powder Puff Team 11; Field Hockey 10,11,12; Spanisti National Honor Society Treas. 

Stacye Dill Girls' Ctiorus 9.10 

Billy Dickerson Key Club 12; Wrestling 10.11.12 

Cindy DeLaCruz Varsity Cheerleadmg 11. JV Cheerleading 10 Co-Captain Who s 
Who 12. 

^ Sii 


Seniors pose momentarily while riding on the class float. 

The camera caught Senior Craig Byrnes, photographer for the 
annual staff. 

Becky E. Deluca 

Philip J. Delsignore Cynthia N. DeLaCruz 

Wim B. Dekker 


Dean R. Doody 

Barry M. Dorsk 

John Dreano 

Marianne D, Duprey 

William M. Eger 

Dean Doody Class Vice President 12; Steering Committee 8,9,10,11.12; Peerage 
Staff 12; National Honor Society 12; ICC Representative 12; Jr. Civitan 11 12- (Madri- 
gals 12. 

Barry Dorsk Homeroom Officerl 1 ; Steering Committee 11.12 

(Marianne Duprey SCA Representative 11: Intra-School Exchange 10: Page Staff 
11.12; Science Club 12 

(Mike Ehrlich Transfer Student 12. 

Bruce Ekiund Class President 11; Foreign Exchange Program 11; National Honor So- 
ciety Pres. 11; Jr. National Honor Society Pres 10 

Jeannie Eller SCA Reporter-Historian 12; Homeroom Pres. 9.10.11; Steering Com- 
mittee 8,9,10.11.12; Intra-School Exchange 10; Page Staff 9.11.12. A CapeHa Chorus 
11.12; Girls Chorus 8.9.12; Pep Club 8.9; Future Nurses Club 9; Drama Club 12. 
LOOK HOMEWARD. ANGEL 11; (Madrigals 12; All Regional Chorus 11; Tri-(M 12. 

Kenny Elliot Cross Country 9.10,12; Indoor Track 10,11.12; Outdoor Track 9.10 11 12 
JV Outdoor Track 8. 


Jeanne K. Eller 

Kenny B. Elliot 





Ray G. Ellis 

Joe D. Elmore 

Beth J. Emmett 

Senior Girls 


The Girls Hockey team strives tor selt-improvement. 

Ray Ellis SCA Representative 8,9,10,11; Key Club 12; Trinity 12 (mascot); JJV Foot- 
ball 9; JV Basketball 9,10; JVFootball 10; Varsity Basketball 11,12; Varsity Football 

Joe Elmore FNHS 12, Jr Civitan 11, Alpha Y Teens 11, 

Betti Emmett Homeroom Officer 10; Steering Committee 10; Powder Puff Team 11. 

Kevin Enocfi JV Wrestling 9,10; Varsity Wrestling 11. 

Richard Etter JV Baseball 10. 

Elizabeth Everett Jr. National Honor Society 10, A Capella Chorus 8,9.10.11,12; FHA 
8; Jr. Civitan 12. 

Brenda Ewers SCA Representative 11; Intra-School Exchange 11; National Honor 
Society 12; A Capella Chorus 11.12; Girls' Chorus 10; Drill Team 10; Madrigals 12; 
Scepter 12; GAA 12; Powder Puff Team 11.12; Girls Varsity Field Hockey 11,12. 

Brenda S. Ewers 

Kevin E. Enoch 

William A. Eskins 

Randy R. Ethridge 

Richard W. Etter 

Elizabeth G. Everett 

Drill Team Unites To Excel 

-•<"si^g^®>i^»*^"'' - 

The Drill Team moves into position for homecoming night activities. 

Mike Fariss Key Club 12, Varsity Club Sec. 11,12, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basket- 
ball 11.12 

Cindy Fisher Steering Committee 12: Spanish Club 11,12; FTA Sec. 9; Keyettes 
11,12; Intramural Hockey 9 

Debbie Flautt Powder Puff Team 11: Spanish National Society. 

Serena Flowers Powder Puff Team 11 

Robbie Ford Track 9: Cross Country 9: JV Football 8. 

Linda M. Finch 

Denise A, Fischer 

Cindy K, Fisher 

Deborah A Flautt 

Serena H N Flowers 

Robbie B. Ford 

Donna Furry 


Anthony J. Foy 

Carl A. Frady 

Donald P. Frangenberg Elizabeth A. Freeman Thomas E. Freeman 

Melissa Y. Gallop 

Patrick D. Gambill 

Tony Foy Band Council 11, Drum Ma|or; Marching Band Drum Major 11,12, 

Don Frangenberg NJROTC 10.11,12; Drill Team CO, 11; Rifle Team Coach 10.11, 

Thomas Freeman Marching Band 11; B Band 10. JV Baseball 10 

Bruce Friedman JJV Football Mgr, 8. JV Football Mgr, 9; Varsity Football Mgr, 10,11, 

Patrick Gambill Wrestling 10.11.12, 

Four Minute 
Class Change A 
Challenge To All 


Danny E. Garris 

Melinda V. Gaskins 

Rusty Gatewood 

Michael Gelardi 

Daniel Garris SCA Representative 9,10; Steering Committee 12; Jr. National Honor 
Society 10,11; Pep Club 10; ICC Representative 10; Spanish Club 9,V. Pres. 10; Out- 
door Track 9,10,11; Cross Country 10; Indoor Track 11; Young Life 11,12; Jr. 
Achievement 10. 

Melinda Gaskins Jr. National Honor Society 10; A Capeila Chorus 12; Science Club 
12; Keyettes 11,12, 
Rusty Gatewood B Band 9; C Band 8. 

Shelia Glaze Girls' Chorus 9; Spanish Club 11, Pres. 12; Miss PA Pageant 11, Miss 
Congeniality 4lh runner up; Intramural Hockey Team 11; Transfer Student 11 

Elizabeth Going Pep Club 9; DE Club 11, 

Barry Gomez SCA Representative 10,11; Homeroom Officer 11; Steering Committee 
10,11; A Capeila Chorus 10,11,12; Madrigal 12; Transfer Student 

College Dreams 

Now Become 

A Reality 

Newton Gillespie 

Shelia G. Glaze 

Miino L. Gliosca 

Elizabeth L, Going 

Barry J, Gomez 


Tern Greenberg 

Senior Athletes 
Will Be Missed 

Amy J. Hamilton 



Mike D. Hammer 

Steve C. Griffith 

Chiarles M. Grissom 

David A. Halapm 


Partick 0. Harold 

Evelyn Hancock Steering Committee 10; Girls Ctiorus 12, FBLA 10; Spanish Club 
11; FTA 10; Powder Puff Team 11. 

Patrick Harold Drama Club 11,12. 

Ctiris Harrell SCA Representative 11; Homeroom Officer 11,12; Steering Committee 
11.12; Jr Civitan 11. 

JoAnne Harrison SCA Representative 10; Girls Ctiorus 12; fTA 9; FBLA 10 
Oonna Hartfield Powder Puff Team 11,12. 

Dennis P. Harrell 

Senior Susan Walker displays her talent on the half-time field. 

Individual Talents Found At P. A. 



Janet K. Hastings 

Janet Hastings Madrigals 11.12. 

Terry Hawkins DE Club 10.11 

Susan Hightower Steering Committee 8.9,10,11.12, A Capella Chorus 10.11; Pep 
Club 10; FNHS 9.10.11; GAA 9.10; Scepter 10; DE Club 12; Powder Puff Team 12; Jr. 
Civitan 10.11 

Stepfien Hodges Science Club 12. Explorers in Medicine 10.11.12. 

Phyllis M. Hatfield 

P. A. Proudly 

Patricia M. Hayes 

Susan M. Hightower 

Ned Hogan 



Look Up To 


Sharon K. Hollenback Yvonne D. Holloman 

Paula S. Holman 

Kimberly K. Holmstrom 

f I 



Maryellen Horvatic 

Martha S Howell 

Kirk D. Hollowell 

Kirk Hollowell JV Football 10: JV Basketball 10; V Basketball 12; Varsity Football 

Paula Holman DE Club 11, 

Kim Holmstrom SCA Representative 9.10,11: Girls' Chorus 8: Varsity Ctieerleadmg 
12; JV Cheerleading 9,10. Pep Club 9.10: Powder Putf Team 11.12; Homecoming 
Court 12; Miss PA Pageant 8.11: TRADE 11 

Martha Howell SCA Representative 12; Girls Chorus 8.9.1 1 . DE Club 12; TRADE 11 

Wayne Howell SCA Officer 10.11. 

George Huddleston DE Club 12. 



Phillip W. Howell 

George S. Huddleston 

The office likes all sizes. 



Joe Johnson SCA Treas, 12; SCA Representative 8,9,10.11.12; Steering Committee 
8.9. Float Chairman 10.11.12; Intra-School Exchange 10; Page Feature Editor 11; Na- 
tional Honor Society 12; Jr National Honor Society 9. V Pres 10; A Capella Chorus 
8.9.10; Pep Club 9; ICC Representative 10.11.12; Debate Team 11; Spanish Club 
10 11 Key Club 12; FTA Treas, 11; Coronet mascot 12; Drama Club 9,10.11, V Pres. 

HOMEWARD, ANGEL 11; IF A MAN ANSWERS 12, Boys State Alt. 11; Who s Who 
Among Am High School Students 12; Jr Civilan 10,11, Treas, 12; Young Life 10. 

Wiley Johnson JV Football 10; Varsity Indoor Track 10; Varsity Outdoor Track 10; 

Varsity Football 11; Varsity Indoor Track 11, 

Kim Humphreys Spanish Club Treas 9.10. Sec, 12; TPI 9,10; Ecology Program 9,10; 

Drug Rehabilitation 10. 

Matt Jackson Transfer Student 12, 

Kim Jaszewski Jr National Honor Society 9; Pep Club 9; DE Club 11. 

Delois A. Johnson 

Joe Johnson 

Powder Puff - An 
Enjoyable Game 

Wiley Johnson 

Kim A. Humphreys 

The Cheerleaders had a game of their own going on! 

Richard E. James 

Jim Jarrett 

Kim Jaszewski 


Hard Work Brings Success For Band 

Susan Jones FBLA 12. 

Phyllis Kaluzny GAA 10.11; Powder Puff Team 11. 

Sharon Kelberg Steering Committee 8,9; Peerage Staff 11; Jr. National Honor Soci- 
ety 10.11; Science Club 11,12. Sec; FNHS 9.10; Jr. Civitan 9.10; Keyettes 10.11.12; 
GAA 9.10,11.12; JV Hockey 9.10; Varsity Hockey 11.12; Ecology Club 11,12. 

Barbara Keller Class Treas 12; Steering Committee 12; Science Club 11, Treas. 12; 
Drama Clux 11.12; Transfer Student 10. 

Erin Kelley Class V. Pres. 9.10; Steering Committee 9,10.12; Intra-School Exchange 
10; ICC Representative 9.10; GAA 9.10,11,12; Keyettes 10,11,12: Powder Puff Team 
11.12; May Court 10; JV Hockey Team 9,10; Varsity Hockey 11,12. 

Seniors Rich Ramsey and Matt Bathke spend a great deal of their time 
practicing and performing for band. 

Julie A. Johnson 

J Leigh Jones 

Susan L. Jones 

Phyllis Kaluzny 

Brian G Kdspar 

Shitron F Kelberg 

B.'irbara Keller 

Glenda M. Keith 

Erin M. Kelley 


Kathie Kelly Steering Committee 12: Drill Team 11,12; GAA 8 9 10 11 12 Scepter 12 
Powder Pull Team 11.12. 

Karen Kelsay Girls Chorus 8; JV Hockey 9. 

Kathy Kennedy Class Secretary 12; SCA Representative 11; ICC Representative 12: 
Varsity Cheerleading 11,12; JV Cheerleading 10; Steering Committee 11, Jr. Civilan 
11, Ctiap. 12; Scepter 11, V Pres, 12; Powder Puff Team 11,12: Girls Stale. 

Debbie Kindle DE Club 10,11. 

Dianne Knapp Page Stall 11.12; Scepter 12; Powder Puff Team 12. 

Kathleen A, Kennedy 

Kathy E. Kessler 

Debbie L. Kindle 

Seniors Find 



Austin S. King 

Gerry Kona 

Dianne E. Knapp 


Tommy Kona 

Lonna Laemmerman 

Susan LaLonde 

Kevm Krest 

Tommy Kona 

Kevm Krest Class Officer Treasurer 9: Steering Committee 
9,10.11.12; Science Club 11.12 

Terry Kretz Science Club Vice President 8; President 9: Key 
Club 12; JV Wrestling 10; Varsity Wrestling 11,12 

Lonna Laemmevmann DE Club 

James LaLonde 

Susan LaLonde C Band, FNHS 12 

Debbie Lamaine 

Patricia J, Lamberty Class Officer Excutive Board 9,10.11. 
SCA Representative 8.9.10,11,12. Steering Committee 8.9.12; A 
Band 11; B Band; Drill Team 9,10,11,12; Drama Club 
10; Powder Puff Team 11 manager; 12 

Deborati A Land 

Rachael Lang SCA Representative 8,9; Steering Committee 8; 
Drill Team 11; GAA 8,9,10; Powder Puff Team 11,12, Brenda 
LaRock Steering Committee 11,12, FNHS 10,11,12; Powder Puff 
Team 11.12 

Anne Lawrence SCA Representative 11; Steering Committee; National Honor Society 11.12; Jr National Honor So- 
ciety 10; Band Council Secretary 11; l^arctiing Band 10.11.12; B 
Band 8.9; ICC Representative 11; Spanisfi Club 8.9.12. Reporter 
Historian 10. Vice-President 11; Powder Puff Team 11.12 

Darrell Lewis Class Vice-President 11; Steering Committee 
8.9,10,12, Vice-President 11; Jr National Honor Society 9.10; A 
Capella Cliorus 8.9; ICC Representative 11; Junior Civitan 
10.11.12; Key Club 12; JV Basketball Manager 9; SNHS 11;f^ad- 
rigals 10.11,12; Modern Music Masters 11,12; Regional Cfiorus 

Harold Lewis Steering Committee 8,9.10,11,12; National Honor 
Society 10.11. Treasurer 12; Jr. National Honor Society 8.9; A 
Capella Cfiorus 8,9; Madrigals 10.11,12; Tri-M 10,11,12; All 
Regional Ctiorus 10,11,12; Spanisfi National Honor Society 
11.12; Spanisfi Club 10,11, Treasurer 12. Junior Civitan 10,11,12; 
Key Club 12 

Lisa Linn Sopfiomore Class President; SCA Representative 10; 
Steering Committee 10; Drill Team 10. 11 



Terry Kretz 

James LaLonde 

Debbie Lamaine 

Patricia Lamberty 

Deborah Land 


OUR SCA President? 

Rachael Lang 


K^J - 1 " ' -' ' j_ ' *'* 

mg ,^ M m 


Brenda LaRock 


Anne Lawrence 

Deborah Lee 

Brenda Legg 


Darrell Lewis 

3 . 

Harold Lewis 




X E i #^l 



}■ W&--' Jk/^^^^M 


Lisa Linn 

Seniors Work Together 

To Make 

Their Class No. 1 


Debra Logan A Capella Chorus 12: Girls' Chorus 8. 11; Varsity Cheerleading 11,12: JV 
Cheerleadmg 10: Pep Club 12; Spanish Club 11,12; Junior Civitan 11,12; Trinity 12; 
Powder Puff Team 11,12 

Sharon L. Lombard SCA Representative 8.9,10,11,12; Steering Committee 
8,9,10.11,12; Spanish Club 11; Scepter Vice President 11.12; FBLA 10. Powder PufI 
Team 12; SNHA 12 

Vicki Lucente Trade 11; Madrigals 10,11,12; Governor s School For Gifted 11; SCA 
Representative 8,9; Scholastics Team 10; Steering Committee 10.11,12; Tri M Secretary 
11, President 12; National Honor Society 10,11. President 12: Jr National Honor Soci- 
ety 9,10; A Capella Chorus 10,11,12: Girls State Nomination 11; ICC Representative 12; 
FNHS 10.11.12; Civitan 10.11: tvliss PA Pageant 11; ■Belle of the West' 10 

Diane Lue Steering Committee 8.9,10,11,12: f^arching Band 10,11,12; All Regional 
Band 9; B Band 8,9: Pep Club 10; Spanish Club 11; FBLA 11; Powder Puff Team 11 

Kai Lysaght Steering Committee 11; Intra-School Exchange 10; Debate Team 11; 
Chees Team 10; Alpha Y Teens 12; DE Club 11 

Bill Lunstord Inarching Band 11; JJV Football 10; JV Football 11 

Michael MacOonald Page Staff 12; Drama Club 12 

Anne Mackie DE Club 10,11 



Sandy K. Manby 

Shirley A. Mann 

Richard G. Martin 

Tt,,,, nant 

Paula A. Maratea 

Robin L. Matthews 

John M. Marusa 

Sandy Manby Spanish Club 8.9: GAA 9,10; Powder Puff Team 12; JV Hockey Team 10; 
City Hockey Team 9; Varsity Hockey 11; City Track 9 

Shirley l^/lann FBLA 11, Treasurer 12 

Steven tVlanuel JV Basketball 9,10; Varsity Basketball 11, JV Baseball 10; Varsity 
Baseball 11 

Paula Maratea SCA Representative 11; Girls' Chorus 8; Pep Club 10; Chess Team 11; 
Alpha Y Teens 11; Powder Puff Team 11,12; City Track 9,10; Hockey Team 10 

Tom Marchant Marching Band 10,11,12; All Regional Band 11; B Band 8.9 

Carol Marder Debate Team 10; Chess Team 11 ; Alpha Y Teens 11; Powder Puff Team 

Robin Matthews SCA Representaive 11; Homeroom Officer 10,11; National Honor So- 
ciety 10; Girls' Chorus 10 

Carol A. Marder 


Mark McAdams 

James I. McBee 

Robert McCrea 

Debbie Logan speculates a win. 

Mike McDaniel 

Ann McFarlane 

John McFarlane 

Janice Mayo Young Life 11 

Cathy Mazzo 

Karen J. McAdams 

Mark McAdams 

James I McBee NJROTC Color Guard; Drill Team; Rifle Team 

Robert McCrea 

Michael D McDamel SCA Representative 12; Peerage Staff 12; National Honor Soci- 
ety 12; Science Club 12; FHNS 12; Key Club 12; Young Life 11,12 

Ann H. McFarlane Pep Club 12; Spanish Club 9,10 

John McFarlane Steering Committee 11,12; B Band 8.9; Spanish Club 9.10; Junior 
Civitan 11.12 



P r- •- " 

Crafts IS a popular class. 




Robert McGanty 

Dale Mclntyre 

Liza McKay 

lary Ann Meehan 

Mark Mencmi 

Angela Merritt 

David Metcalf 

Brenda Michael 

Joe Mikkelson 

Robert McGanty DE Club 10 Executive officer; 11,12 

Dale L, Mclntyre 

Liza McKay C.O.E 

Mary Ann Meefian Steering Committee 10,11, A Capella Chorus 9,10; Girls Chorus 
8; Spanish Club 9,10.11,12; Junior Civitan 12; FHA 8; SNHS 11, Secretary 12 

Mark Mencini 
Angela Merrit 
David Metcalf 

Brenda Michael SCA Representative Committee Chairman 12; Steering Committee 
10,11; National Honor Society 10.11. President 12; Drill Team 11; ICC Repre- 
sentative Secretary 12; FNHS 10.11,12; Keyettes 11,12; Powder Puff Team 11; 
Scholastic Team 11; Governer s School 

Joe Mikkelson 


Karen Mllliken 

George Millirons 

Donna Milstead 

Cheryl Monaco 

Seniors Have Successful Candy Sale 


Mary Alice Monaco 

Phillip Moore 

Karen Milliken Steering Committee 11.12; Jr. National Honor Society 10; FNHS 10; 
FBLA 11: Miss PA Pageant 11 

George Millirons DE Club 11. Baseball 10. 

Donna Milstead Girls Chorus 9; C O.E. 11.12 

Cheryl Monaco Girls Chorus 8.9,12; DE Club 12; GAA 10 

Mary Alice Monaco Girls' Chorus 8.9: GAA 10; JV Hockey 9.10; Varsity Hockey 11 

Reginald Moore Science Club 12; Wrestling 12; Baseball 12. 


Reginald Moore 

Coleen Moran 



Wanda Morgan 


Lynn Morse 

Tim Mulcare 

Lola Murrell 

Nancy Neal 

Seniors Build Large Treasury 

Kenneth Nelson 

Deborah Nevjtt 

Steve Noles 

Linda Nicherson 

Lynn H Morse 

Timothy M Mulcare National Honor Society 11,12; Jr. National Honor Society 9,10; 
ICC Representative Vice President 12; Key Club 12; Varsity Club 11, Treasurer 12; 
Cross Country 11,12; Track 11,12; Spanish National Honor Society 11,12, NJROTC 
10,11,12; Jr. Civitan 11, Vice President 12 

Lola Murrell Steering Committee 10,12; B Band 8; Pep Club 10; Science Club 12; 
Drama Club 9,10, Secretary 11,12; Belle Of the West; Look Homeward Angel 

Nancy Neal SCA Representative 9; Homeroom Officer 9,12; Steering Committee 
9,10,11,12; Drill Team 10,11, Trinity 12; FBLA 12; Powder Puff Team 11,12; Junior 

Kenneth Nelson 

Vicki Nervig Drill Team 10,11, Treasurer 12, FNHS 10 

Deborah Nevitt SCA Representative 10,11; Homeroom Officer 10,11; Drill Team 
10,11, Captain 12; FBLA 12; Powder Puff Team 11,12 

Linda Nickerson 

Steve Noles SCA Representative 12; Page Staff 11, Editor-ln-Chief 12 

Vicki Nervig 


Sharon Norrell SCA Representative 10; FBLA 10.12. Secretary 11; Powder Puff Team 
11.12; Homecoming Court 12. 

C. A. Norton Wrestling 9.10.11; Football 9; Track 11. 

Sue Norton Band Council 11, Head Ivlaiorette 12; Head Librarian; fvlarchmg Band 
10,11. President 12; Drill Team tvlajoretle 10. FNHS 10 11.12; Varsity Gymnastics 

Therese O Connor SCA Representative 11, FBLA 12. GAA 12: Powder Puff Team 

Mathews O Donnell fvlarchmg Band 10.11.12; All Regional Band 11.12; Junior 

Aaron Oliver National Honor Society t^ascol 12; Drama Club 10.11, President 12; 

David Ordonio Marching Band 11. All Regional Band 10,11. B Band 10 


Kathleen Novick 

Therese O Connor 

Mathews O Donnell 

Aaron Oliver 

David O Neal 

David Ordonio 


Joe Venable and Mrs Sefert concentrate on Senior Class business. 



Mark Painter 

Susan Paiko 

John Parker 

Robert Payne 

Thomas Payne 

Thomas Peoples 

Robert Peters 

Kurt Petrich 

Mark Painter Page Staff 11 

Susan PaIko Powder Puff Team 

John Paul Explorersm IVIedicine 11 

Bob Peters Jr. National Honor Society 10; Key Club 12; JV Golf 10; Varsity Golf 11. 

^Hi - 


David Brown, contractor? 



Susan Prentice 

Joni Poulos 

Seniors Triumph in Powder Puff 

Debbie Poore 

Betsey Pyall SCA Representative 10; FBLA 12; GAA 10 11; 
Powder Putt Team 12 

Susan Prentice Steering Committee 11.12. National Honor Soci- 
ety 11.12: Jr National Honor Society 10; Marching Band 
10,11.12; All Regional Band 11.12; ICC Representative 12; 
Debate Team 12; Powder Puff Team 11,12; Modern Wusic 
Masters 11. Vice President 12; Solo & eensomble 10.11.12 

Mary Powell Future Nurses Club 11,12; Steering Committee; Peerage Staff 12; Powder Puff Team 11 

Joni Poulos SCA Representative 10.11.12; Homeroom Officer 
11,12; Page Staff 11, Feature Page Editor 12; GAA 12; Powder 
Puff Team 12: Library Assistant 10.12: Scepter 12. 

Cheryl Plackett 

Joe Postove Varsity Club 10.11.12; JV Football Manager 10: JV 
Baseball Manager 10: Varsity Football Manager 11; Varsity 
Baseball Manager 11.12 

Debbie Poore DE Club 10.11.12 

Charles Plisco Steering Committee 11; National Honor Society 
12; Jr National Honor Society 10.11. Marching Band 10.11.12; 
FNHS 10,11,12: Basketball Manager 10 

Cheryl Plackett FBLA 12: Powder Pull Team 12 

Leo Pimeniil JV Football 10: Varstiy Football 11,12, Track 11, 
Powder Puff Cheerleader 11.12 

Leo Pimeniil 


Pat Regan 

Deborah Resavage 

Seniors Triumph Always 

Madonna Rich 

Pat Regan Steering Committee 10,11,12; Powder Puff Team 11 

Andrew Reid 

Deborafi Resavage FBLA Treasurer 11, President 12 

Wayne Rickman Homeroom Officer 12; Marcfiing Band 

9,10,11,12; ICC Representative 12; Key Club 12; Varsity Tennis 


Madonna Rich SCA Representative 10, Drill Team 10, FBLA 12 

Robin Richison 

Sharon Rich Marching Band 10; Drill Team 10 

Robin Richison Steering Committee 11.12; Marching Band 
10,11.12; Drill Team 10,11.12 

Susan Riggs B Band 9. C Band 8; Art Club 11 

David Retzke A Capella Chorus 8,9, JV Football 9; JV Football 

Seniors Support 
School Dances 

•Boy, do I ever feel like an idiot!' 

Randall Rinaldi 

Edward Rochester 

Bryon Robinson 


Debbie Rodgers 

Kathleen Ruesch 

Rusty Russell 

Terry Sawyer 


Terry Schactner 

Cindy Schleicher 

Seniors Have Rainbow 
As Symbol 

Randall Rinaldi Steering Committee 11,12: Spanish Club 9,10,11: Track 11 

Bryon Robinson Steering Committee 11,12: ICC Representative 12: Science Club 11, 
Vice President 12: Tennis Team 10,12 

Debbie Rodgers Girls Chorus 8 

Allan Rodrick Boy's State 11, Track 10: Cross Country 12: Indoor Track 12: Outdoor 
Track 12 

Raymond Rowland B Band 10 

Kathleen Ruesch Steering Committee 10,11,12: Page Staff 12: FNHS 11; Junior 
Civitan 11; Scepter 11,12; GAA 11, 12: Powder Puff Team 11,12: Basketball 12 

Rusty Russell JV Football 10; JV Basketball 10; Varsity Baseball 10,11; Varsity 
Basketball 12; Varsity Baseball 12 

Terry Schachtner SCA Representative 8,9,10: Steering Committee 8,9,10; Jr Na- 
tional Honor Society 9,10; Key Club 12: Scepter fWascol 11,12: JV Football 10 

Cindy Schleicher Steering Committee 10,11; A Capella Chorus 9; Pep Club 10: FBLA 
11; Junior Achievement 10 

Robert Schwendeman SCA Representative 11, Key Club 12; Varsity Club 12; Cross 
Country 11,12; Track & Field 12: Baseball 12 

Leslie Scott Powder Puff Team 11; Girls Track 10 

Robert Scott C Band 10: JV Football 9,10; Golf 11 

Laura Setnik Homeroom Officer 12; Junior Civitan 11; Coronet 10, Treasurer 11, His- 
torian 12: GAA 11,12: Powder Puff Team 11,12 

Linda Schubert 

Robert Schwendeman 

LesHe Scott 

Robert Scott 

Kathy Scullion 

Laura Setnik 

Bill Shanley 


Jerry Shears 

Mike Sheehan 

Cathy Shewchuck 

Eva Shinholser Marching Band 11,12; Science Club 12; Scepter 12; GAA 11.12; 
Powder Puff Team 11,12; Basketball 12 

Arthur Shuey Page Staff 11,12; Debate Team 11; Junior Civitan 11; Drama Club 

David Siegel Marching Band 11,12; All Regional Band 11; B Band 9.10 

P.A. oh P. A. 
You're the Finest 

Eva Shinholser 

Arthur Shuey 

John Shuler 

David Siegel 

Vance Silva 


This speaks tor itself! 

Larry Smiley 

Cynthiia Smitti 

Edward Siska Young Life 12 

Bernard Skibinski SCA Representative 12; ICC Representative 12; Science Club 
11; Spanish Club 11; Explorer's In Medicine 11,12; Spanish National Honor Society 
11, Vice-President 12, 

Larry Smiley JV Baseball 10; Varsity Baseball 11. 

Cynthia Smith SCA Secretary 12; SCA Representaive 11; Young Life 10,11,12; 
Drama Club 12; Powder Puff Team 12, 

Debra Smith Powder Puff Team 11 

Lisa Smith Class Secretary 10; DE Club Secretary 11; FBLA Vice-President 10; 
Powder Puff Team 11. 12, 

Jeff Snyder Track 10,11,12; Football 10 

Lisa Southal! Girls' Chorus 10; Coronet 10,11,12; Young Life 10,11,12; Madrigals 12 

Jetf Snyder 

Helen Somers 

Raymond Souder 

Lisa Souttial! 



Myra Spivak 

Valerie Spells 

Debbi Spellman 

Vicki Speight 


Bruce Spry 

Anthony Stacy 

Shirley Stanley 

Lynnae Steeg 


Vicki Speight Class Officer 11; DE Club 11,12 

Debbi Spellman German Club 12 

Valerie Spells Keyeltes 12; DE Club Treasurer 11; Powder Puff Team 11,12. 
Homecoming Court 12 

Myra Sppvak SCA Representative 10; Steering Committee 10; Junior Civitan 12; 
Drama Club 10; Theater Association 

Bruce Spry SCA Representative 9; Homeroom Officer 10; Steering Committee 11, 
Wrestling 9.10,11 

Anthony Stacy 

Shirley Stanley Girls' Chorus 10; FBLA 11,12; CO.E. 12 

Lynnae Steeg Girls' Chorus 8.9; FBLA 11,12; C.OE 12 

Carol Stegertiaii Steering Committee 8,9; FBLA 11,12; CO.E 12 

Denise Steizried Page Staff 11; Junior Civitan 11; GAA 10,11 

Denise Stelzreid 

Carol Stegeman 



Brian Stephens 

Vilma Stephenson 

Barb Straight 

Arnalda Street 

Look for 

Douglas Stroud 

David Strom 

Debra Strickland 

Edie Streeyt 


Brian Stephens Football 10, Cross Country Track 11 

Vilma Stephenson 

Barb Straight Powder Puff Team 11, Young Life 11,12 

Arnalda Street SCA Representative 8,9,10,11; Homeroom Officer 8,9,10,11; 
Steering Committee 10,11,12; FNHS 11,12; Bible Club 9; Cornet 12; Young Life 

Edie Streett Drill Team 11, GAA 10,11,12; Powder Puff Team 11,12, JV Hockey 10; 
Young Life 10 

Debra Strickland 

David Strom DE Club 12 

Douglas Stroud 

Ginny Svagdys 

Stephen Swan 

Ginny Svagdys 

Stephen Swan 


Seniors Have Fantastic Sponsers 

Pat Swinehart 




William B.Taylor 

David Thomas 

Susan J. Taft 

Pat Swinehart 

Susan J. Taft 

Gloria Taylor 

Susan Taylor 

William B. Taylor Steering Committee 11.12: Peerage Staff 12; l^/1adrlgals 11.12; Tri-lvl 
12; Regional Chorus 10.11; Zuzolo 12 

Irene Tenerowicz Steering Committee; Page Staff 11. Reporter 12; Junior Civitan 11. 
President 12; Coronet 12 

David Thomas C Band; DE Club; Powder Puff Cheerleader 11,12; JJV Football 8.9; 
Wrestling 10 

Don Thomson Page Staff Sports Writer 12; FNHS 10. 11, Reporter 12 

Don Thone 

Toni Tiberi Steering Committee 11,12; Page Staff 11, Feature Editor 12; A Capella 
Chorus 10,11.12; Junior Civitan 

Irene Tenerowicz 

Tom Tiberi 

Don Thompson 

Don Thone 


p. A. Spirit Goes to Neptune Festival 

Dan Toomey 

Brenda Totten 

Robert Tietjen 

Joni Timmel 

Dan Toomey 

Brenda Totten SCA Representative 10,11: Homeroom Officer 10 Key Club 11. GAA 10. 
Powder Puff Team 12; f^ay Court 10; Intramural Field Hockey 10 

Micfiael Travis DE Club 11,12 

Ricfiard Tucker Key Club 12; JV Basketball 8.9; Varsity Basketball 10,11; JV Golf 8.9; 
Varsity Golf 10.11; Tri-Hi-Y 

Keitfi Van Hulle 

Pamela Vaughn Science Club. Look Howeward Angel 11 

Joe Vanble National Honor Society 12, TripHi-Y tvlascot 

Cfiarles Verner tVlarcliing Band 11.12; wb Band 11 

Michael Travis 

Richard Tucker 

Charles Verner 

Students prepare for the raft race. 


Patricia Voight 

Rochelle Wahlig 

Pamela Ward 

Jeff Watford 

Maria Vinson DE Club 11 

Patricia Voighl Drill Team 11 

Craig Vosler National Honor Society 10.11,12; Jr National Honor Society 10; Varsity 
Club 10.11. President 12; Varsity Football 10.11,12; JV Wrestling 10; Varsity Wres- 
tling 11.12; Varsity Baseball 11; JV Baseball 10; Outstanding Sophomore Boy 10 

Rochelle Wahlig Marching Band 10; FBLA 12 

Susan Walker Steering Committee 10.11, Maiorelle 11 12. All Regional Band 11,12; 
Drill Team 12 

Pamela Ward Powder Pud Team 11,12 

Kimmie Ware Homeroom Officer 10; Steering Committee 12; Peerage Staff 10; A 
Capella Chorus 11; Marching Band Majorette 10; Scepter 10,11. DE Club 12. Miss 
PA Pageant 

Jeff Warford 

Erik Ways 

Stephen Weber 

Erik Ways 

Stephen Weber 


Seniors Have 
Their Own 

Douglas Wemstem 

Allen White 



Bethany Whiteford 

Candy Whitfield 

Donna Wiggleton 

Karen White 

Tern White 

Douglas Wemslein SCA Representative 12 

Allen White Powder Puff Cfieerleader 11; JV Basketball 9 

Karen Wfiite Class Officer Treasurer 11; SCA Representative 11; Steering Com- 
mittee 11,12; Intra-School Excfiange Program 11; Cornet 10 11 President 12 
FBLA 11 

Tern White FBLA 11,12 

Bethany Whiteford Marching Band 11,12; Powder Puff Team 11.12 

Candy Whitfield 

Lori Whitney 

Daniel Whisner 

Donna Wiggleton A Capella Chorus 12, FNHS 11 

IVlary Wild 



Lorl Whitney 

Daniel Whisner 

Mary Wild 

Varixj Room at 
Senior Dance 


Senior Steering Committee Active 

Blair Woodall 

Daniel Wood 

Robert Wood 

Deborah Wolford 

Lynn Wolf 

Sherry Wilson 

Jerome Wilson 

Cindy Williams SCA Representative 10; Science Club 11; Spanish Club 10; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society 11.12; Junior Civitan 12 

Sherry Wilson SCA Representative 12; DE Club 12; Transfer Student 11. 

Lesa Wilkinson 

Cindy Williams 

John Wilde 


Cheerleaders Promote Spirit 

Vicki Young 


"4 .!!?1 'i? 'i 

Tern Zlegelbein 

i(l:f I .! t 

Was It really Robert Redford??????? 

Karen Worley Drill Team 10 

Vicki Young Trinity 11.12; GAA 9.10,11,12, Homecoming Court 12. JV Field 
Hockey 9.10; Varsity Field Hockey 11.12. 

Tern Ziegelbem Steering Committee 8.9.10. Peerage Staff 8; Pep Club 8; 
Future Nurses Club 8.9.10 

Kim Zorens FNHS 11; Drama Club 11. 



Michael Zubyk 


The Junior Class has had a most eventful 
year at P. A. The long awaited Ring Dance 
was held in April at Lake Wright Hotel where 
the Juniors were entertained by Pendulum. 
After this came many days of turning, admir- 
ing, and the showing off of class rings. 

Another Junior tradition is deciding on the 
class symbol. A lot of different thoughts and 
ideas were considered before choosing the 
"right" one. 

Candy Sales and dances were profitable for 
the Class of 76 and really boosted the 

Some of the more studious Juniors took 
PSAT tests to prepare themselves for future 
tests in their Senior years. 

The spirit of '76 is truly alive and growing at 
Princess Anne and is obvious in the Junior 

The Class of 1976 

Mable Able 
Karen Ackins 
Keith Acosta 
Andy Adams 
Mike Arrington 
Tammy Ake 

Sharon Allen 
Susan Allen 
David Anderson 
Jayne Annarino 
Kim Arseneau 
George Atkins 

Mike Atkinson 
Pam Ault 
Teri Auman 
Karl Ayres 
Roberta Baker 
Ricky Baltance 

Bobby Ballard 
Chris Balog 
Claude Barescales 
David Barham 
Charlie Barnes 
Kathy Barnett 


Jackie Barnish 
Karen Basgier 
Daniel Batchelor 
Rosa Bateman 
Carlton Baxter 
Joe Beachum 

Joyceanne Beaman 
Kathy Behlmer 
Brad Belote 
Mike Benda 
Sandy Bergmann 
Jalene Bergstresser 

John Bergstresser 
Frank Berlok 
Nancy Blelitz 
Kathy Blvans 
Carrie Black 
Karl Black 

Marching Cavaliers win trophies 

The morning after . . . 

Tammy Jo Blaher 
Mike Blaise 

Tracey Blake 
Ed Blakeslee 

Tab Blazek 
Beth Blocker 

Norman Boggs 
Julie Bonney 


Greg Boone 
Mark Boone 
Dawn Bowles 
Mary Lynn Bozza 
Thomas Brace 
Hilton Brannan 

Tammy Bray 
Bryan Breeden 
Jeff Briedert 
Margie Brinsfield 
Cathy Brittingham 
Mamie Brouwer 

Sharon Brown 
Robert Brunke 
Katherme Bryant 
Barbara Burrow 
Steve Bussey 
Paula Bustamante 

Nancy Butler 
Kathy Byrtus 
Richard Caffee 
Debbie Caminiti 
Billy Capps 
Barbara farder 

Patricia Carlin 

Michelle Carlson 

Rex Carpenter 

Veronica Carroll 

Dennis Casey 

Maura Casey 

Brent Chaffin 

Sheila Chandler 

Cheryl Chapin 

Linda Chapman 

Joe Ciccone 

Susan Clark 

Denise Clemens 

Kathy Clifford 

Kathie Cobbs 

Darlene Cochenour 

Kim Cogar 

Dorothy Collins 

Tammy Corbin 
Cindy Core 

Juniors choose 
Veronica Carroll 


Jerry Coston 
Mari Courtney 
Lucinda Crabtree 

Melanie Grace 
Anna Crandall 
Debbie Crank 

Pam Creager 
Butch Cristelli 
Tom Crockett 

David Crouch 
Janet Crovatt 
Debi Crowe 


'I wonder if that means me?' 

A. A \Jld i 

Barbara Culligan 

Debbie Cumbie 

Robert Cust 

Kevin Custer 

Elizabeth Daily 

Tery Daily 

Bill Daknis 

Marcia Dale 

Ike Daniels 

to lead as class President 

'Where's Kathy?" 


Spirit Penetrates Cold Nights 

' ^- 









Russell Danley 
Laura Darwin 
Wes Dauer 

Brenda Davis 
Carmel Davis 
Penny Davis 

Cathi DeCarme 
Steve Degner 
Jeff Deibler 

Marialice Delaney 
,\ / ., Rick Dempsey 
Robert Dessoffy 

Tim Dickerson 
Faye Dillard 
Eileen Dillingham 

^^^ Dede Dinger 
^^^* Denise Dinger 

Lisa Dispennette 

Annie Doane 
Leslie Doline 
Brenda Doll 

The Women's Lib percussion section! 


The excitement of Homecominy! 


History, Chemistry, Algebra 2 . . . 

Cindi Elliot 
Mark Emory 
Ed English 
Mary Escajeda 
Rita Etheridge 
Robert Edder 

Sam Eure 
Candy Ewell 
Linda Farino 
Melinda Fields 
Karen Filbert 
Joann Filo 


Gary Flader 
Karen Flautt 
Michael Fleinek 
Linda Flora 
William Fowler 
Marie Foxwell 

Terry Fremd 
Rocky Frost 
Joan Frye 
Dan Galvin 
Steve Carey 
Doug Garner 

Jackie Garrett 
Elizabeth Garns 
Rena Gary 
Guy Gaston 
Kathy Gaus 
Patty Gentry 

Sandra Gentry 
Ann George 
Karl Gessner 
Paula Giambrone 
Tonya Gibson 
Scott Gildow 

William Goffigan 
Harry Goodman 

A tired Raggedy Ann finds time to rest. 

Juniors raise funds 
with candy sales 


Football team led by Sam Eure 

Becky Gould 
Karen Gray 
Thomas Gregory 
Bud Grey 
Sandi Grimstead 
Donald Groome 

Susan Gruber 
Cindy Gunn 
Steve Hamblin 
Karen Hancock 
Reglna Handel 
Jackie Hanson 

Mary Harcum 

Janet Hardee 

Jeff Harley 

Davey Harper 

'Hey, you guys, what are you doing?' 

Tom Harris 
Susan Hartley 
Donald Harvey 
William Haywood 
David Heim 
Judy Hembree 


Danny Henry 
Nancy Hereford 
Fred Hillegas 

Michael Hines 
La Monte Hinton 
Linda Hippler 

Bobby Hobbs 
Jim Hogan 

Mike Hogue 
Becky Holden 
Terry Hoiloway 

Mike Holmes 
Nancy Horan 
Brad House 

Denise Howell 
Carol Hudson 
Laura Hueber 

Terri Huerta 
Forrest Hundley 
Tammy Hurtubise 

Mark Hysong 
Brenda Inscho 
Laura Irwin 

Beskin's Best, 
and McCrory's 


Hey man! Those Junior girls 


Hyatt's Highlights, 
Marauders face 
in challenging 
Powder Puff 

Tim Jacks 

Anna Jones 

Jeff Jones 

Tom Jones 
Wayne Jones m. • ^ < 

William Jones ^ TV" -* 

Marty Jordan *. '^' 

Michael Joseph 
Donna Kabacinski >■. 

John Kaiser 
Michael Kane w 

Susan Kanz 

Peggy Kellam 

Tom Kelley 

Patricia Klick 

John Knarr 

Patricia Knauer 

David Knight 

Robert Knight 

Cindy Knisley 

Sheila Koerner 

Irene Kolantis 

Joanne Korleski 

Robert Kyzer 


PSAT tests and College Boards 
required many hours of studying from Juniors 

Priscilla Lane 

Susan Lang 

• v- L.^^mi. tA\^'J 

Ned Laramay 

Linda Lawrence 

Juniors anticipate taking tests. 

Diane Leary 
Jeff Lee 
Alain Legendre 
Jeff Leonard 
Mark Linn 
Peter Lively 

Renee Lober 
Doug Long 
Kathleen Longstreet 
Mike Lopresti 
Wayne Lowe 
Tucker Lowell 

Steve Lusk 
Laurie Mac Donald 
Karen MacLead 
Sheryl Makley 
Maureen Maloney 
Cindy Mann 


Billie Mansfield 
Ronald Maratea 
Frank Martin 
Steve Martin 
Mario Mastrangell 
Karen Mathewson 

Spirit is Evident at P. A. 

Karl Matson 
Jerry Matthews 
Ronda Mauldin 
Steve Maxw/ell 
Rhonda Meeks 
Ron Melton 

Robin Metcalf 
Linda Middleton 
Ron Midgette 
Steve Miley 
Lori Miller 
Tim Miller 

Vicki Milliken 
Teddy Millirons 
Mona Misco 
Peggy Molodovitch 
Paul Montgomery 
Mike Moody 


Juniors anxiously await last 

Susan Moore 
Thomas Moots 
Jeff Moreau 

George Moriarty 
Cathie Morrison 
Kim Morrison 

Ruth Moss 
Bill Mulhearn 
Jim Murray 

Terry Myrick 
Kathy McAdams 
Golden McAllister 

Nancy McBee 

Cathy McCabe 

Rose McClanan 

Terrie Mclntyre 

Cy Mclntyre 

Robert McGanty 

Juniors are always attentive in class! 

* ''A4'/^^ 

Mike McKinney 
Jam McLaurin 
Skip McLellan 

Monica McPartland 

Luanne McPherson 

Linda Neagle 

Someone's doing some weekend planning! 


year at Princess Anne 

Barry Neier 
Diane Nevitt 
Jeffrey NIckerson 
Kim Nill 

Anna-Marie Nobile 
Susie Noona 

Bernard Odom 
Rick Olson 
Mike O'Neal 
Shirley ONeai 
Suzanne Ore 
Tina Osborne 

William Osborne 
Robert Overstreet 
William Palmer 
Ben Pancho 
Sharon Parker 
Cindy Parsons 

'What do you mean, you know my combination?" 


Mike Pilkenton 
Kim Pitman 
Steve Pitt 
Frances Pomnitz 
Susie Poole 
Elizabeth Poolos 

Leslie Porter 

Angle Postove 
Brian Pouliot 
Margaret Powell 
Katherine Price 
Barry Pulley 

Marcella Racine 
Cheryl Pagan 
Mike Rainey 
Susan Ratte 
Rick Rawles 
Susan Reames 

Lucia Reitzel 
Mary Rhodes 
Beverly Richardson 
Patty Riley 
Renee Rinaldi 
Charles Riordan 

Class Symbol Chosen for 1976 

Junior spirit grows and grows 

2:00 rush hour 


Quiet moments to think about 

Kathy Ritchie 
Melanie Robbins 
Richard Roberts 

Georgia Robinson 
Michael Robusto 
Jimmy Rogers 

Scott Rose 
Stephanie Rountree 
Allen Rowe 

Willie Rowell 
Debbie Rumsey 
Phil Russo 

Kathy Salo 

Jimi Sawyer 

Spring Sawyer 

James Scarpine 

Hansi Schaffer 

Jeff Schatz 

Judy Scheetz 

Bob Schier 

Susan Shreiber 

Gay Schroeder 

Danny Scott 

Donald Scott 

Friends find a time to talk. 


Maureen Scott ^^^^B -^-^i 
Cheryl Seacrlst 

Cliff Sabring 
Sharon Setzer 

William Shearin ^j*^ *• 
Mark Shultz 

Mark Shumaker 
Wally Simmons 

Careers become more realistic as graduation draws near. 

L< ^&^ 


Tari Simpson 
Luanne Sink 
Karen Six 
Patty Skibinski 
J Cindy Skinner 
Paul Skinner 

Steve Skomsky 
Greg Slate 
Fred Small 
Diana Smith 
Linda Smith 
Linda Smith 

Randy Smith 
Sharon Smith 
Terry Smith 
Leslie Snyder 
Steve Snyder 
Ralph Souder 

Juniors make plans for future 


Jean Souza 
Toni Spagnuolo 
Joe Span 

^^^^^» j Ed Sparks 
^^— "-'^^ ' Ronny Spellman 
▼j - , I Donna Spells 

Ronnie Spells 
Caria Spencer 
Janet Spencer 

Susan Spidle 
John Stamey 
Janet Stanley 

'He asked me out!' 

Paula Stanley 
Linda Statham 

Bill St. Claire 

Jeri Stephens 
Mark Stephens 

Debbie Stepp 

Sherry Stethem 

Joey Stine 

Laura Stinebaugh 

Robert Stone 

Skip Stone 

Keith Storm 

Terry Straley 

Larry Strickland 

David Stroud 

Pat Struble 

Kathy Sullivan 

Mike Svedesi 

Juniors anticipate Ring Dance 


Timothy Swartz 
Ricky Sykes 
Becky Taylor 
James Taylor 
James Taylor 
Talmadge Taylor 

William Taylor 
Joe Tenerowicz 
Mary Tetlak 
Tina Thomas 
Joyce Thompson 
Lynda Thompson 

Ron Thompson 
Mike Todd 
Rory Trapp 
Al Turner 
David Uhl 
Cindy Turner 

Juniors select ''American 

Nancy Van Dyke 
Joyce Violette 
Jean Vojtek 
Nancy Waddicar 
John Wagner 
Michelle Walker 

Terry Warner 

Loreda Washington 

Let s go to the Hop' 


Alan Walworth 
Doug Ward 
Jim Ward 
Keith Washburn 
Doug Watson 
Elllto Watson 

Jamie Weber 
Dean Weeks 
Bernard Weintraub 
David Weldon 
Don Wells 
Cindy Weston 

Linda Whitney 
John Wike 
Shirley Wilkins 
Sheryl Wilkinson 
David Williams 
Gary Williams 

Graffiti'' for Homecoming float 

Lynda Williams 

Violet Womack 

Eugene Woodv^^ard 

Paul Woods 


Karin Woolridge 

Lee Vandenburg 

Earl VanOstrand 

Phil Zubyk 

Juniors spend many hours after school for 
Homecoming activities. 


Leslie Williams 
Suzanne Williams 
Debbie Wilson 
Johnny Wilson 

Bryce Winkler 
Joan Wins 
Jeffrey Wright 
Brad Wynn 

Ricky Yeates 
Joan Yuhas 
John Zillinskas 

Juniors end the year with flair 

■■4 i •*■'' ,■ «- 


Drill Team gets into position for pre-game activities. 



Sophomores Have a Good Slate of Officers 

The Sophomore Class of 77 is 
looking bright as it faces the New Ho- 
rizon into the Sun, as it dawns the 
beginning of a new day. The class 
symbol is the sun rising over a moun- 
tainous landscape, dawning on a new 
tomorrow. The class sponser is Mr. 
Eley. Officers are: Bobby Freeman, 
Pres., Donna Slaughter, V, Pres., 
Kathy Kaiser, Sec, and Tammy Flow- 
ers, Treas. 

The Sophomore Class sponsored 
the May Dance. A special feature of 
the May Dance was the crowning of a 
new May Queen. Also, the class con- 
ducted a candy sale in Jan. 

Charles Abdennour 

Andrea Adams 

Steve Addabbo 

Gary Ahern 

Keven Airingion 

Annette Allemano 

Curtis Allen 

Ricky Allred 

Michael Amorese 

Oiane Amos 

Tim Anderson 

Terri Andrews 

Ricky Anello 

Parker Antonio 

Cindy Aragones 

Mark Arnold 

Pam Arnold 

Richard Ascher 

James Ashe 

Laura Ashworth 

Connie Atkins 

Diane Atkinson 

Eric Avant 

Alison Averette 

Lauryn Awbrey 

Carolyn Ayers 

Robert Badar 

Donald Baker 

Nancy Baker 

Alan Ball 

Diane Balog 

Jennifer Balzer 

Brenda Bancroft 

Stan Bashaw 

Tom Basnight 

Randy Batchelor 

Wayne Baldorf 

James Batten 

And) Bauer 

Linda Baxter 

Kim Beatly 

Tina Becker 

William Beddard 

Tim Bell 

Belisa Benjumea 


Tenth graders enjoy life at P. A. 

Fred Benjumea 

Amy Bennett 

Tammy Bennett 

Danny Berges 

Rod Berney 

Charles Bertok 

Richard Berlka 

Randy Belhea 

Brian Bielilz 

Lea Ann Biondo 

Jay Birsch 

John Bivans 

James Blakeslee 

Gary Blaney 

Ronda Blanks 

Donna Blum 

Carey Boltz 

Becky Borcik 

Ronald Bostic 

Wilbert Bowden 

David Bowman 

Alicia Boyd 

Anthony Boyd 

Linda Boyles 

Laura Brennan 

Mark Bright 

Sharon Brisbane 

Susan Broughton 

Denie Brown 

Doug Brown 

Kenny Brown 

Sheri Browning 

Howie Bryan 

Kurt Bulger 

Donald Bunyan 

James Burchfield 

Malcolm Burden 

Vernon Burford 

Carole Bush 

Melody Butler 

Tim Butts 

Dons Cagle 

Jenny Campbell 

Melanie Campbell 

Susan Cannon 

Vicky Capps 

Mike Carden 

Peggy Carey 

Gerald Cans 

Desiree Carlm 

Darlene Carpenter 

Doreen Carpenter 

Kay Carroll 

Tamara Carroll 

William Carr 
Alan Carson 



Bobby Case 
Pat Casey 

Anna Cason 
Karen Cello 

City of Virginia Beach; Department of Crazy Students. 


Jr. Highs Unite 

At P. A. 

Larry Craig 
Laura Creasy 
Doug Culver 
David Cunningham 
Gene Cutter 

Thersea Cyr 
Mark Daily 
Doug Davis 
Lynne Davis 
Liama Dean 

Mary Detir 
Trisfi deFerraz 
Mike Dekker 
Steve Delaney 
Denise DelSignore 

Valerie DeVault 
Debra Dickson 
Patricia Diggs 
Nancye Dill 
Jimmy DiNardo 

Lisa Cervell 
Cindy Chambers 
Tery Chapin 
Judy Chapman 
Alexander Cheatham 
Robert Chestnut 
Pat Childress 
Lee Ann Chitwood 

Donald Chnstman 
Susan Cinnamon 
Paul CipoHa 
Ann Clark 
Anne Clark 
Duane Clark 
Kenneth Clark 
William Clarke 

Mary Cleary 
Cheryl Clements 
Donald Cline 
Elizabeth Coe 
Chris Collier 
Elaine Collins 
Lori Collins 
Betty Compton 

Deborah Conner 
Tony Conrad 
John Conroy 
Deborah Conroy 
George Cosgrave 
Bobby Cook 
Gina Cook 
George Core 

Smokey says, "Don't light fires!' 


Kevin Dobbins 

Chris Dod<) 

Chris Doody 

Kelly Dooiey 

Karen Dorn 

Tern Dorn 

Sandy Doss 

Mike Dougherty 

Jeanie Douglas 

Sharon Dowdy 
Pat Driesse 
Marsha Dreuitt 
David Driscoll 
Robin Driver 
John Dudley 
Pat Duggan 
Carroll Duike 

James Dunbar 

Ray Dunn 

Dwayne Earley 

David Ebmeier 

Sherry Eddms 

Donna Edmondson 

Rita Edney 

Ellen Edwards 

Allison Eger 

Tom Ehroid 
Lam Elwell 
Janet Elwell 
Pat Embry 
Mary England 
Mark Ennis 
Christie Ericson 
Kevin Etheridge 

Cathy Evans 

Sarah Everett 

Terry Ewers 

Dale Farino 

Darlene Fariss 

Suzanne Farmer 

Paul Fellowes 

Debbie Fentress 

John Ferebee 

Tarra Ferguson 

Alana Finn 

Bobby File 

High Expections at P. A. 


Sophomores Have Successful May Dance 

Linda File 
Susan FlautI 
Tamara Flowers 
Bill Flynn 
Daniel Flynn 
Mike Rynn 
Robert Fountain 
C'a'g Fowler 
'. -ona Fralix 

Learning Is Fun at PA. 


Michael Harris 

Donna Harrison 

John Hart 

David Hastings 

Sophomores come in all sizes 

Greg Heatwole 

Cora Heberg 

Cindy Helsley 

Mellnda Henson 

Cindy Hatcher 
Jacqueline Hatfield 
Pat Hawkins 
Ted Hawver 

Sophomores support winning football team 


Mike Hess 

Christina Herten 

Jim Hill 

Melani Hill 

Sabrina Hillegas 

Toni Hinkley 

Carol Hitchcock 

David Hitchcock 

Jack Hitchcock 

Michael Hobson 

Susan Hodges 

Diana Hoff 

Brady Hoffman 

Winn Hoffman 

Dianne Hogan 

Teresa Holland 

Jeff Hollingsworth 

Rebecca Hood 

Jim Howerin 

Greg Howell 

Ritchie Howett 

James Hueber 

Warren Hughs 

Robert Huhn 

Lee Hylton 

Craig Jachens 

George Jackson 

Antoinette Jackson 

Joanne James 

Leonard James 

David Jenkins 

Derek Johnson 

Devin Johnson 

Judy Johnson 

Kenneth Johnson 

Kalhy Johnson 

Joanne Jones 

Lisa Jones 

Mary Jones 

Susan Jarrett 

William Journigan 

William Journigan 

Joylette Land 

Debbie Kaastra 

Cathy Kaiser 

John Kampe 

Pati Kane 

Kevin Karczewski 

Paula Karczewski 

Susan Karczewski 

Debbie Keatley 

Tom Keipf 

Irene Keith 


Sophomores Generate Rapport Among Classes 

rs ^T? 

Jeff Kelberg 
Karen Kelly 
Debra Kennedy 
Scott Kennedy 
Susan Kennedy 
Cecil Kidd 
Charles Kidd 
William King 
Bruce Kirby 

Kalhy Kirby 
Mary KIOC 
Suzie Koehne 
Deborah Koenig 
Helen Kolantis 
Debbie Kosloski 
Debbie Krall 
Kathleen Krest 
Pat LaGrange 

Paula Lamberty 
Joella Land 
Cheryl Laney 
Susan Lanning 
Wesley LaShure 
Robert Lavoie 
Joey Lawrence 
Katie Lawrence 
Robert Lawrence 

Lori Lebrecht 
Kathy Lee 
Sheryle Lee 
Rusty Leggett 
Jim Lieiman 
Debbie Lester 
Johnny Lewis 
Laura Link 
David Linn 

James Little 
Allen Liverman 
Mindy Lohr 
Kathy Lohman 
Martha Long 
Elaine Ludwig 
Lauri MacDonald 
Darlene Maddox 
Ronnie Mallox 

Mike Malone 
Helen Mangosing 
Andrew Manigo 
James Mann 
Dean Marchant 

Salvalore Marchione 
Lynn Marsh 
John Martin 
Paul Martin 
Vincent Martini 

Chris Matthews 
Paula Matthews 
Brian Martz 
Mike Maultsby 
Catherine Mayo 


Carol McAnsh 
Sean McBee 


/ M Debbie McCandless 

y ; S Ronnie McCrea 


Robert McDainel 

Lundy Cohen watches a game with great Satis- 


Scott Murray 

Curt Myers 

Harry Nacey 

Donna Naugle 

Harry Neisinger 

Dennis Nevitt 

Walter Nickerson 

Kelli Nill 

Joe Mobile 

Jeff Noon 

Sandi Norrell 

Mark Nowell 

Mary Oldonnell 

Mary Ordonio 

Michelle Oshel 

Rickey Owens 

Addle Palermo 

Debbie Palmer 

Greg Parker 

Linda Parker 

Mike Parson 

Lisa Pate 

Valerie Pate 

Car; Patton 

John Payne 

Patty Payne 

Mata Payton 

Mark Peak 

Karen Pedersen 

Bill Pendergrass 

Pat Peoples 

Kathy Pepper 

Caren Perinotti 

Mike Perron 

Joe Petrie 

Thomas Petty 

Sophomore Class starts '74 with Large Treas. 


School is more than just work 

Dennis Phillips 

Lisa Phillips 

Nene Pimenti 

Carrie Pitman 

Teresa Pitman 

Vicky Pitman 

Sharon Phsco 

James Plumley 

Steve Polley 

Karen Pollock 

Sam Poore 

Karen Possage 

Eva Powell 

Jeff Powell 

David Prescott 

Peggy Price 

Sophomores take a first dip in school affairs. 

Jan Proctor 
Kathy Prussock 
Earl Pugh 
Colleen Pulley 

Debbie Ragland 
Anthony Raso 
James Ratte 
rvlichelle ReDavid 

Barbara Reeves 
Shirley Reichert 
Joan Reigle 
Robert Reitz 

Danny Resavage 
Wayne Reynolds 
Craig Richards 
Lisa Richardson 

Bottoms up! 


Richard Rucka 

Sylvia Salmon 

Vicki Rickman 

Sophomores strive for 
height in society 

Tom Santoni 

r^^l Darlene Riggs 
Donna Rima 

Patricia Ritchie 
Evie Roberge 

Tim Roenker 
Tom Rogers 


Mark Ross 
Phillips Rouhac 

./ \ 

Susan Rowell 
Linda Ruesch 

Vanessa Ruff 
Richard Rumsey 

Connie Russelburg 
fvlarllee Russell 

■^ /-*, 


Philip Russo 
Donna Sager 

Greg Sapp 
Gail Sawyer 

Ronnie Scarborough 
Patti Scarpine 

Linda Schaible 
Kathy Schroeder 


David Schwendeman 
l^ichael Shwendeman 

Darrne Scott 
Kathi Scott 

Roger Scott 
Tammy Scott 

Cindy beitert 
Robert Shaffer 

Robert Sheets 
David Shelburne 



Many students help in the concession tand. 

John Sfielton 
Richard Shellon 
Becky Sherman 

Robin Shinholser 
Julie Simmons 
James Simmons 

Robert Simpson 
Donna Slaughter 
Diana Smith 

Steven Smith 
Tricia Smith 
Anita Show 

Susan Snyder 
Michael Somers 
Gary Sonnabend 

Monica Sorenson 

Betsy Soulsby 

Lana Soulsby 

Timothy Spellman 

Sandra Spidle 

Sharon Spiotta 

John Spivak 

Carlos Spruill 

David Stacy 

Cathy Steelman 

Wyatt Steen 

James Steinle 

LouAnn Stephens 

Tom Stephenson 

Winnie Stewart 

Delia Sline 

Janet St. John 

Jack Stokes 

Greg Stollings 

Anne Strange 

Allison Strom 

Lloyd Slough 

Susan Stover 

Steve Suess 

LeRoy Sutton 

Steve Sutton 

Earnie Swanz 

Karen Tanner 

Billy Taylor 

Sandra Taylor 

Bruce Thomas 

Richard Thomas 

i A-'J.r^i:! J 


Sophomores help with many school functions 


Kathy Thompson 
Mary Thompson 
Tern Thompson 
James Thornton 
Ann Throckmorton 
Nancy Tiberi 
Eric Tietien 
Nicky Toby 
Terry Trinca 

Mike Turco 
Albert Turner 
Jurgen Turner 
Robert Underwood 
Carol Vanderwood 
Belty Van Dyke 
Patty Van Petten 
Kenneth Via 
David Wade 

Cindy Waggett 
Greg Waggett 
Karen Waldo 
Cynthia Wallace 
Ed Wallce 
Shawn Walsh 
Shirley Walters 
Mark Walworth 
Susan Warburton 

Denise Ward 
Cindy Waterman 
Sandra Watkins 
Jeffrey Watson 
Sharon Watson 
Kirk Ways 
Ross Weatherly 
Frank Webster 
Wes Weidrick 

James Westbrook 
Lisa Westfall 
Jaime White 
Steven White 
Alex Whiteford 
Susan Whisman 
Deanna Whitney 
Arlene Whitson 
Deena Widgeon 

P. A. Remains No. 1 After 22 Years 

A popular sight at P.A. is it's newly acquired speed bumps. 


Sophomores Have Largest Class 

Chris Wilkinson 
Randy Wilkinson 
David Williams 
Jesse J Williams 

Mollie Williams 
Eddie Willoughby 
Bonny Wilson 
Cnstal Winkler 

Gary Wirt 
Mary Wilhrow 
Roger Wolf 
Diana Womack 

Debra Womble 
Erich Woods 
Colleen Woodward 
Gary Woolard 

Tim Woolard 
Sandy Wooldndge 
Karen Wynn 
Jean Yeates 

Dolly Young 
Michelle Zaborniak 
Mariana Zaiack 

Hope Springs Eternal. 

Linda Zartman 
Mark Ziegler 
Frances Zuidema 

Four minutes are sometime too short for class change 


Donna Givens and Kathy Lee work on the Peerage. 

Students often visit area parks. 

Sometimes too much work leads to drastic measures. 

P.A. Students work together 

Sophomores Achieve Importance at PA 

Cheerleaders await the big game 

Signs of support plague P.A. athletics 

























Gymnasts Finish 2nd in District 

PA 121.45 

PA 130.63 

PA 137.25 

PA 135.10 

PA 131.80 




First Colonial 



Varsity Field Hockey 

Tennis Record 1974 







Norfolk Catholic 




Lake Taylor 











First Colonial 



















Booker T. 






First Colonial 





First Colonial 


Varsiy Baseball 1974 



First Colonia 


Lake Taylor 









Booker T 



























First Colonia 

Varsity Football Scorecard 


























Indoor Track 1975 Scorecard 

•PA 82V2 Booker T. 42' 2 Granby 23 

•PA 75 First Colonial 43 

•PA 671 2 Cox 58 Booker 

T. 22' 2 

PA 38 Kellam 80 

■PA 70 Maury 48 

'Meets won 

Wrestlers 3rd in State 






Lake Taylor 




Booker T. 
































First Colonial 





Great Bridge 

First Colonial 






Lake Taylor 




Varsity Basketball Scores 



First Colonial 
















Booker T. 
















First Colonial 




























Lake Taylor 












Booker T. 



* ■ — , 



Junior Varsity Girls Display 

Cindy Aragones, Belisa Benjumea, Theresa Collier, Laura Creasy, Mary DeFir, Terry Ewers. Deborah 
Fentress. Lisa Jones. Amber Meardy, Cathy Mullican, Vicki Rickman, Susan Stover, Anne Strange, 
Allison Strom, Mary Thompson 


%^ ' '-^^^. 







■ V '% 












First Colonial 

















First Colonial 






Their Talent In Field Hockey 

't A 



W^ try Harder 

tKA I 

i: I 


*• ,^— ;^* i*'^ -^-i-'inifl^ ^"-i- ••'.' -^^ ^i»,^/b^ i«» «i-> ' * ,^_ 




<«»> «tfk mm ^^ « 

•"•r*''^"". t 

'•f^ ;:..•• 

No. 60 Doug Garner No. 44 Craig Perkins 

No. 85 Craig Vosler No. 55 Matt Ambrose 

No. 63 Terry Sawyer No. 43 Jimmy Dinardo 

No. 1 1 David Weldon No. 67 Steve Miley 

No. 80 Fred Benjumea No. 50 Mike Joseph 

No. 70 Jurgen Turner No. 65 Joey Lawrence 

No. 33 Mario Mastrangeli No. 66 Phil Russo 

No. 10 David Brown No. 86 Jay Birsch 
No. 52 James Little 

No. 64 Butch Matthews 
No. 51 Mike Benda 
No. 26 Leo Pimental 
No. 82 Donald Scott 
No. 22 Terry Daily 
No. 84 David Pate 
No. 32 Richard Rawls 
No. 21 Ray Ellis 

No. 30 Jesse Williams 
No. 77 Cleve Liverman 
No. 62 Greg Gapp 
No. 87 Wilbert Payton 
No. 23 Aubrey Graham 
No. 74 Mike Hogue 

No. 20 Kirk Hollowell 
No. 12 Sam Eure 
No. 73 David Heim 
No. 42 Doug Long 
No. 61 Steve Edwards 
No. 71 Roger Wulf 

Cox O; PA 12 
Great Bridge 6; PA 18 
First Colonial 6; PA 7 
Granby 0; PA 28 
Maury 21; PA 6 
Norview 6; PA 
Kellam 21; PAO 
Kempsville 13; PA 18 
Lake Taylor 13; PA 18 
BaysideO; PA 23 


Cavaliers surprise PA with power 

4 •*. 



She flies through the air with the greatest of ease! 

The 1974-75 Gymnastics Team 

Coach Chory with co-captains Kim Furbee and Cindy Parsons 


Sharon Brown 
Laura Creasy 
Janet Crovatt 
Kim Furbee 
Cindy Parsons 
Vicki Rickman 
Darlene Riggs 
Marilee Russell 
Mary Ann Thompson 
Lisa Westfall 


1974 Spring 
Baseball Team 


•/'////// 'A 



"" ^ih'i-' 













^^H^H^^^^^^^^^^^pF^^^v^^^^^^^^^g^^^* ^^J^H 

Ho Q A J^ 





A J^^^P^^VHI Mil^ 



Varsity Wrestling 

Mario Astrangelli, Jimmy Benjumea, Karl Black. Billy Dickerson. Craig Fowler. Terry Kretz. Craig Vosler. Jimmy Rogers. Mike 


p. A. Pins! 


Varsity and JV Hockey 

Laura Creasy, Belisa Benjumea, June Collier. Amber Meardy, Terry Ewers, Cindy Aragones, Allison Strom, Kathy Mullican, 
Mary DeFIr, Ann Strange, Vicki Rickman, Mary Ann Thompson, Lisa Jones, Susan Stover 

Rfffi m 


Varsity Hockey: Karen Possage, Erin Kelley, Jan Chevalier, Kim Furbee, Barbara Burrow, Connie Bush, Sharon Kelberg, Donna Ahles, Jo Filo, 
Donna Lemon, IVIary DInardo, Joan Davis, Kim Cervell, Vicki Young, Brenda Ewers, Alan a Finn 






JV and Varsity 



PA Basketball 
Wins With Anthony 



PA Triumphs in Improved Season 



Groups and Individuals 

That helped make 


This sports year 


'«• . >. «< 




Anne Lawrence, Vicki Lucente, Karen Ackerman, Joan Davis. 
Mary Barrett 

Karen Ackerman 
1975 Peerage Queen 


Stephanie Rountree 
May Queen 1974 

Mary Dinardo 
Candy Cane Queen 1974 

^S^ H 




Kim Cervell 
Homecoming Queen 1974 


K y ^ /^y, rj 

40 ^t 

/ v^^ "^^ ^ 






j^ ^ 




Most Outstanding Senior: 

Pictured at right: Joan Davis and Craig Vosler; Nominees: Karen 
Ackerman, Craig Byrnes, Kim Cervell. Jim Cannon, Mary DiNardo 
Darren Lewis, Vicki Lucente, and Joe Venable. 

Best Looking 


Kim Holstrom 


Allen White 

Kim Cervell 


Matt Ambrose 

Karen Ackermen 

Ray Ellis 

Mary Barrett 

Mike Courtney 

Kim Cervell 

Tony Foy 

Joan Davis 

Danny Garris 

Joan Davis 

Kai Lysaght 

Kim Holstrom 

Aaron Oliver 

Rachael Land 

Richard Tucker 

Valerie Spells 

Richard Tucker 

Most Talented 

Vicki Lucente 

Annette Bach 
Brenda Ewers 
Lola Murrell 
Helen Somers 


Tony Foy 

Rick Allard 
Craig Byrnes 
Aaron Oliver 
Craig Vosler 

Most Intellectual 

Brenda Michael 


Joe Venable 

Joan Davis 

Jim Cannon 

Mary DiNardo 

Tim Mulcare 

Vicki Lucente 

Craig Vosler 

Sue Prentiss 

Steve Weber 


Most Athletic 

Joan Davis 

Karen Ackerman 
Donna Ahles 
Mary Di Nardo 
Brenda Ewers 


Craig Vosler 

Rick Banta 

Aubrey Graham 

Richard Tucker 

Kirk Hollowell 

Best Couple 

Valerie Spells and Matt Ambrose 


Kim Cervelle and Mike Farris 

Joan Davis and Craig Vosler 

Brenda Michael and Jim Cannon 
Nancy Neal and Chris Harrell 

Best Dressed 

Kai Gross 

Karen Ackerman 
Cindy Clemmons 
Kim Holmstrom 
Carol Stegemann 


John Dreano 

Mike McDaniel 
Wayne Rickman 
Terry Schactner 

Richard Tucker 

Most School 

Kim Cervell 

Karen Ackerman 
Mary Barrett 
Susan Barrett 
Kathy Kennedy 


Arron Oliver 

Rick Banta 
Craig Byrnes 
Bruce Ekiund 
Joe Johnson 

Most Likely to Succeed 

Vickl Lucente 

Mary Barrett 
Joan Davis 
Mary Di Nardo 
Brenda Michael 


Joe Venable 

Paul Campbell 
Jim Cannon 
Craig Vosler 

Steve Webber 




•^ '>;*:*2* ■*•' 

fA >♦>; 


''Pleasant Job Relationship'' 

Mr. Letcher Hill, school principal, has been at 
Princess Anne for two years. He graduated from high 
school in Big Stone Gap, Virginia, attended East Ten- 
nessee State University for his B.S. Degree and 
received his masters degree from George Peabody 
College for Teachers. He was also honored by 
receiving the Old Dominion University certificate of 
advanced study. Before he came to P.A. he was prin- 
cipal at Bayside High School for seven years and was 
at Kempsville Junior for two years. Mr. Hill com- 
mented that P.A. has the most pleasant job rela- 
tionship between students and faculty he has ever 
been associated with. 


Princess Anne - 

Best In 
Virginia Beach 

Mr. Charles Caldwell came to Princess Anne from 
First Colonial High School where he was assistant 
principal. He has been at Princess Anne for two years, 
and now is working with General Administration and 
student discipline. 

He graduated from Needham B. Broughton High 
School in Raleigh, North Carolina, and from the Uni- 
versity of Virginia. 

Mr. Caldwell feels that Princess Anne has the best 
student body and faculty in Virginia Beach, and is very 
happy to be here. 


Mr. Shackelford - 
Addition to P. A. Staff 

Mr. Shackelford is new to Princess Anne, but he had 
experience at Virginia Beach Junior High School 
before becoming assistant principal for administra- 
tion here. He graduated from Aurora High in North 
Carolina, East Carolina University and the College of 
William and Mary. Mr. Shackelford thinks that 
Princess Anne is a great school, and he thinks highly 
of the faculty and administration. He also thinks the 
school has a great name and tradition and is well es- 
tablished in the community. 


Mr. Jack Robbins returned to Princess Anne again, 
after leaving in 1969 to go to Virginia Beach Junior 
and Cox High School. He had been at P.A. for sixteen 
years before he left. He graduated from Maury High 
School in Norfolk, and from there he went to the 
College of William and Mary for his B.S. degree. He 
completed his education at the University of Virginia 
where he received his masters degree. Mr. Robbins 
deals mainly with instruction curriculum and schedule 
changes for students. "Just being around kids" is Mr. 
Robbins' favorite part of his job. 

Student Interest 
Main Concern 


Ms. Mary Ann Alcorn (above) teaches 
English. She is a graduate of 
Neeaham B. Broughton High School 
in Raleigh, N.C. She participated in 
broughtonball, was Freshman class 
secretary and class marshal of her 
sophomore, junior, senior year. She 
was also Y-Teen Queen. 

Ms. Elizabeth Anderson (below) teaches 
Geometry and General Math 1. She is a 
graduate of Lew Wallace High School in 
Gary, Indiana. She was a member of the 
Spanish club, band and was President of 
the Library Club. 

Mr. Leo Anthony (above) teaches Physical 
Education. He is a graduate of Gran by High 
School. He played basketball and baseball 
and was in the Varsity Club. 

New regulations provide teachers with extra 

Mr. Roy Beskin (right) teaches 

Distributive Education. He graduated 

from Granby High School. He played 

basketball, tennis and volleyball. He 

participated in Spanish Club and was 

a member of Varsity Club. 

Ms. Margaret Baily (above) teaches Math. 
She is a graduate of Oceana High School. 
She was on newspaper staff and 
Freshman class President, Junior and 
Senior class Secretary and was the 

Mrs. Julie Barrett (left) leaches 
Geography. She is a graduate of 
Princess Anne High School. She 
was a cheerleader and a 
member of National Honor 
Society and Keyettes. 


Mr. James Bocock (left) teaches 

Miss Judy Bonner (right) teaches 

Typing. She is a graduate of Fort 

Hunt High School located in Fairfax 

County, Va. She was a member of 

F.T.A., Spanish National Honor 

Society and was in Concert Choir. 

Miss Cynthia Bowden (above) 
teaches Home Economics. She 
is a graduate of Kellam High 
School. She was in F.H.A. 

duties around school 


• N 

Mrs. Mary Campbell (left) teaches 
English. She graduated from Alma 
High School in Alma, Michigan. She 
was a member of Drama Club, N.H.S. 
Annual Staff, band and was editor of 
the newspaper. 

Mr. Williams fulfills his shift as hall 

Mrs. Jackie Casey (left) teaches 
English. She graduated from Beathill 
Co. High School in Jackson, Ky. She 
was a member of annual staff, 
newspaper staff and vice-president of 
N.H.S. and President of F.T.A. She 
also was a cheerleader. 


Ms. Donna Casteel (left) teaches 

Ms. Cindy Chapman (right) teaches 
special education. She graduated 
from New Fane Central High School 
in New Fane, N.Y. She was a member 
of the newspaper staff, F.T.A. and 
band. She also was Sophomore class 
secretary and Junior class Vice- 

Ms. Carol Chory (above) teaches Physical 
Education. She graduated from Oscar Smith High 
School. She played Basketball, tennis and hockey. 
She participated in N.H.S., Keyettes. French club, 
and was President of G.A.A. She was also Senior 
class treasurer. 

Mr. Ronald Collins (left) is the Band 
Director. He is a graduate of New 
Bern High School in New Bern, N.C. 
He played football and was in the Pep 
club. Varsity club and played in the 

Mr. Ernest Davenport (right) teaches 


P. A. Teachers individualize 

Ms. Casteel uses group work for better understanding in Government. 

Ms. Nancy Davidson (above) teaches 
Math. She is a graduate of Norview High 
School. She was a member of F.N.C., 
Omega Tri-Hi-Y and NHS. 


Ms. Becky Debnam (below) teaches 
Social Studies. She is a graduate of 
Suffolk High School in Suffolk, Va. She 
participated m F.T.A., Annual Staff and 
Band. She was also Sophomore Class 

Mr. A. J. Davis (above) teaches Physical Education. 
He is a graduate of Maury High School. He played 
football and basketball. He also participated in 
wrestling and in the Varsity Club. 

Mr. Harvard Dean (above) teaches 
Mechanical Drawing and Crafts 1. 

Mr. John Dow (right) is a NJROTC 

Instructor. He is a graduate of Adams 

High School located in Adams, Mass. 

He played football, baseball, 

basketball and was in the Varsity 


Mr. B. H. Donohoe (left) teaches 


Ms. Kathleen Edmondson (right) 

teaches typing. She is a graduate of 

Fleetwood High School m Nelson 

County, Va. She was a member of 

Glee Club and was Senior Class 


Ms. Hortense Eason (left) teaches 
Bookkeeping and Typing. She 
graduated from Old Richmond High 
School in Forsyth County, N.C. 


Ms. Patricia Ewell (right) teaches math. 

She is a graduate of Granby High 


Ms. Maureen Engel (left) teaches Spanish. 
She IS a graduate of Cheltenham High 
School in Wyncote, Pa. She participated 
in the pep club. Spanish club, and was on 
the annual staff. She also played on the 
lacrosse team. 


Mr. William Eley (left) teaches 
government. He is a graduate of Granby 
High School. He was a member of the 
Spanish club and worked on the annual 

Mr. Ralph Gahagan (right) teaches 
physical education and is the atheletic 


Ms. Dorothy French (left) teaches physical 
education. She Is a graduate of Rural 
Retreat High School in Rural Retreat, Va. 
She played basketball and Softball. She 
also was a member of the annual staff, 
varsity club and band. 

Mr Ashton Godley (below) teaches math. 

Oh, How I hate the sight of blood! 

Mrs. Goodman (left) teaches English. 

'Do you think He'll miss the ticket booth?" 

Activities show 
as People 

Mr. Clarke Graves teaches the 
fundamentals of music, (right) 

Ms. Glenda Graham (left) teaches English. 
She graduated from Falls Church High 
School in Fairfax, Va. She was a 

Mr. Cliff Groves (below) teaches French. He is a 
graduate of Bessemer City High School located in 
Bessemer City, North Carolina. He participated in NHS, 
FTA, French Club, French NHS, and was on the annual 
staff. He also was Senior class President, Sophomore 
Class Treas. and SCA Treas. 

Ms. Sharon Gregor (right) teaches English. 

She is a graduate of Frank W. Cox High 

School. She was on the annual staff. 

Teachers provide interesting classes. 

Ms. R.V. Harris (right) teaches 

Spanish. She graduated from 

Groveton High School in Alexandria. 

Va. She played basketball, baseball 

and hockey. She participated in 

Keyettes and worked on the 

newspaper. She was also a 


Ms. Ileta Hankley (left) teaches 
reading and English R. She gra- 
duated from Francis Hammond High 
School in Alexandria, Va. She was a 
member of NHS. and worked on the 

Ms. Carleen Huling (left) teaches En- 
glish and team-teaches American 
Studies. She graduated from Norview 
High School. She played basketball, 
baseball, and volleyball. She was a 
member of the Pep Club, N.H.S., and 
sang in the chorus. She also played 
in the band. 

Student Teachers 

Mr. Terry Huling (above) teaches 
power mechanics. He is a graduate of 
Oscar Smith High School. He played 
football and was a member of Hi-Y. 


Ms. Mary Hutcheson (above) teaches Math. She 
IS a graduate of West Palm, Beach High School 
in West Palm Beach, Fla, She was on the hockey 
team, swimming team and archery team. She 
also was a member of the French Club and was 
valedictorian of her graduating class. 

Mr Wheeler gives advice to student-teacher 

Mrs White. 

Mr Dave Hyatt (left) teaches Journal- 
ism and English. He is a graduate of 
Ferguson High School m Newport 
News, Va. He played football and was 
in the Varsity Club. He also was on 
the Newspaper Staff. 

Ms. Patricia Jenkins (right teaches 

Business Education. She is a 

graduate of Powell High School in 

Powell, Wyoming. She was in pep 

Club, F.T.A., and was on Annual Staff. 

She was also on the Newspaper Staff. 

Ms. L. Jones (right) teaches Office 

Learn By Doing 

Ms. Eva Josephson (above) teaches 

German. She is a graduate of Mt. 

Vernon High School m Alexandria, 

Va. She was in German Club and a 

S.C.A. representative. She was also 

Freshman Sweetheart Princess and 

May Court Princess. 

This student-teacher learns the 
techniques of music instruction. 

Ms. Suzanne Kelly (above) teaches 

Government and History. She is a 

graduate of Princess Anne High 

School. She was a member of Trl-Hi- 

Y and French National Honor Society. 

She was also on the Newspaper Staff. 


P,A. Teachers 

Ms. Joan Kerns (left) teaches Geog- 
raphy. She is a graduate of Virginia 
Beach High School. She was a 
member of F.T.A. 

iVIs. Carrie Knack (below) teaches 
Math. She graduated from Marathon 
High School, m Marathon. N.Y. She 
was Junior class president. Sopho- 
more class secretary and Freshman 
class treasurer. She also was a 

Ms. Edwina Langaster (left) teaches 
English. She graduated from Crest- 
wood High School in Chesapeake, 
Va. She was Drama club president, 
N.H.S. president and Spanish club 


are MASTER Teachers 

Mr. J. A. Linn (left) teaches Physics. 

Ms. Schain finds individual instruction beneficial. 

Ms. Paula Lippard (below) teaches English. She is a 
graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School, in Ports- 
mouth, Va. She played basketball, hockey, and base- 
ball. She was in N.H.S. and F.T.A. She also was 
Sophomore Class Vice-President and an Honor Grad- 

Many long hours of planning makes master teachers 

Ms. Mary Maclean (above) teaches Chemistry. She is a 
graduate of Anacostia High School located in Washing- 
ton, D.C. She was a member of N.H.S., Annual staff and 
the Newspaper staff. 


Ms. Nancy McGarrah (right) teaches 

English and Drama. She is a graduate 

of Thomas Jefferson High School in 

Alexandria. Va. She was on Annual 

Staff. In the Drill Team, and a 

member of the French Club 

Mr. J.K. McCrory (above) teaches History. 
He IS a graduate of Granby High School. He 
played football, baseball, basketball, 
volleyball and participated m wrestling. He 
was a member of the Varsity Club. 

Ms. Donna McDermott (left) teaches 
Physical Education. She is a 
graduate of Ferguson High School in 
Newport News, Va. She played 
basketball, hockey and tennis. She 
also was a cheerleader. She was 
Junior Class President, Sophomore 
Class Vice-President, and Freshman 
Class Secretary. 

Ms. Ins Mullican (right) teaches Typing 

and Business Law. She is a graduate of 

Martinsville High School in 

Martinsville. Va. She played 

basketball, volleyball and was on the 

Annual Staff. 

Mr. Howard McKenzie (left) teaches 

' Mr. George Noble (below) teaches 

Mr. Dennis Nixon (above) teaches 
Earth Science and Geography. He is 
a graduate of Martinsferry High 
School in Martinsferry, Ohio. He 
played football, baseball and 
basketball. He was in the Spanish 
Club and in the Varsity Club. 

Mrs. Virginia Parker (above) teaches 
Home Economics. 



Mr, D, W. Pursell (lefl) teaches Histo- 
ry. He IS a graduate of Petersburg 
High School in Petersburg, Va., 
where he played football. 

Mr. John Reimer (below) is a N.J.R.O.T.C. 
instructor. He graduated from Beloit Se- 
nior High School in Beloit, Wis. He played 
football, basketball, baseball, and was on 
the track team. He participated in Hi-Y 
and Varsity Club. 

^ V / 

Ms. Query (right) teaches art. 

Friendly atmosphere 
grows at P. A. 

Mr. Samuel Reynolds (left) 
teaches Math. He is a graduate 
of Churchland High School. He 
participated in band and was 
S.C.A. President. 

Mr. D. H. Roberts (right) teaches 
Electronics. He is a graduate of 
Wynne High School. He played foot- 
ball and participated in Latin Club. 

Mrs. Dorothy Sefert (right) 
teaches English. She is a gradu- 
ate of McKinley High School. 
She participated in Pep Club, 
Drama Club, F.T.A., N.H.S., and 
was on the Newspaper Staff. 

Mrs. Elaine Schlain 
(right) teaches Art. She 
is a graduate of Maury 
High School. She 
played hockey, partici- 
pated in Art Club, and 
was treasurer of F.T.A. 

Mrs. Sharon Shevock 
(left) teaches Steno II. 
She is a graduate of 
Princess Anne High 
School. She participated 
in NHS, Scepter-Trei-Hi- 
Y and Drill Team. 


Ms. Kay Smith (below) teaches Distribu- 
tive Education. She is a graduate of Pa- 
trick Henry High School, in Roanoke. Va. 
She was a member of DECA and Y- 

» iH 

Teachers schedules include planning hours. 

Lesson Plans - 

Ms. Diane Spence (right) teaches 

History and Government. She is a 

graduate of Churchland High School 

in Portsmouth, Va. 

Mr, Elmer Stamm (above) teaches Metal Shop. 

Ms Mable Taylor (left) teaches 
biology. She is a graduate of Big 
Stove High School in Virginia, 

Mr, J, R. Thibodeau (left) 
teaches Graphics, 

Mr, J. E. Thompson (left) 
teaches Crafts, 

Mr Charles Traub III (right) 

teaches Biology. He is a 

graduate of Francis T, 

Nicholls High School in 

New Orleans, Louisiana, He 

was Junior Class President 

and Valedictorian, 


Ms. Josephine Turner (left) teaches 

Mr. Donald VanBenschoten (right) 

teaches Physical Education. He is a 

graduate of Southern Pines High 

School in Southern Pines, N.C. He 

played football and baseball. He was 

also a member of the Varsity Club. 

Foundation in Teaching 

Mr. George Versprille (above) teaches Physical Ed- 
ucation, He graduated from Norview High School. 
He was on the football team, track and field team, 
and was President of the Varsity Club. 

Ms. Helen Waid (left) teaches En- 
glish. She graduated from Jefferson 
High School m Roanoke, Va. She was 
on the baseball team, tennis team, 
and was Editor of the Newspaper. 

Ms. Gertrude Ward (right) 
teaches English. 


Ms. Walton (right) teaches Typing. 

Ms. Jane Webster (right) 
teaches English. 



Ms. Marie Wells (left) 
teaches English. She 
graduated from Park 
View High School in 
South Hill, Va. She was 
a member of the Drama 
Club, Annual Staff, and 
was Junior Class Pres- 


Ms. Patricia Wheeler (left) teaches Distributive 
Education. She is a graduate of Denbigh High 
School in Newport News. Va. She was the 
D.E.C.A. Secretary and Parliamentarian. She 
was also a Junior Board Representative. 

Mr. Harold Wheeler (right) teaches En- 
glish. He graduated from Durham High 
School in Durham. N.C. He was on the 
football team, basketball team, and the 
tennis team. He was also a member of the 
Varsity Club, Band and worked on the 

Hot-rod James McCrory zooms into the 
hearts of his female students. 

Many classrooms work on the principle of self- 
study with the teacher available for guidance. 


Ms. Gevevieve Winslow (right) teaches Math 

She is 


Club, N.H.S.. Madrigals, and was also a 

s a graduate of Groveton High School in i ^^ J0^ 
jndria. Va. She was a member o( the Pep ^X-^ — ' — ^ 


y — 

Informal Classrooms 
Improve Student - 
Teacher Relations 

Mr. Larry Williams (above) teaches English and 
Drama. He is a graduate of Ocracoke High 
School m Ocracoke, N.C. He was a member of 
the drama club and Newspaper staff. He also 
was president of his freshman, sophomore, 
junior, and senior class, and was the valedic- 
torian of his graduating class. 

M^ *> 

Administration imposes new rule. 

Ms. Phyllis Yewell (left) teaches Spanish. 
She graduated from Owensboro High 
School in Owensboro, Ky. She was a 
member of the Spanish club. Junior 
Achievement, Chorus and was Feature Edi- 
tor of the newspaper. 



Ms. Jewel Whitlock (left) teaches Foreign Lan- 
guages. She IS a graduate of Blacksburg High 
School in Blacksburg, Va. She was a member of 
the Latin Club. Glee Club, Junior Class Secre- 
tary and was on the newspaper staff. 


Students at Princess Anne 

Aided by Efficient Staff 

of Counselors 

Upon entering the counseling office this year, one 
might have been taken by surprise. The counseling of- 
fice was remodled during the summer to provide more 
efficient services to the students, and a pleasant at- 
mosphere for the counselors. 

The school is served by a most efficient staff of six 
counselors, with Mrs. Donna Ward acting as guidance 

The staff not only helped students in choosing a ca- 
reer by offering the various reading materials and 
their own personal opinion, but they also aided by in- 
viting people from various occupations to come to the 
school and talk to the students about their businesses. 
They also answered any questions that the students 
might have had. 

The school lunchroom staff this year consisted of Mrs. 
Lottie Melton, manager; Mrs. Lucille Poole, cook; Mrs. 
Ethel Perry, baker; Mrs. Louise Mathis, baker; Mrs. 
Emily Cozzens, Mrs. Nancy Poore, Miss Sue Poore, 
Mrs. Virginia Mae Brown, Mrs. Joan Glad Felter, Mrs. 
Dixie Peterson, Mrs. Arlene Sellers, Mrs. Mollie 
Troutner, and Mrs. Ida Whitehurst. 

Helen Brawn 

Mary Commander 



Guidance part of counseling 

Dorothy Jones 

Anne Owens 

Donna Ward 









FEB 28 & MAR I 8 PM 

"^^ CLASS OF 75^ 




Vicki Lucente. The future belongs to the young; our prayers are for your success. 

Kim Holmstrom, congratulations and thank you for your thoughtfulness. 

We think you are beautiful — inside and out. Mom and Dad. 

Our love — God bless to our son Randy Rinaldi. IVlom and papa. 

Ray Bjorkman, It is more than pride we feel today. All our love, Mom and Dad BJ. 

Congratulation Phil, We're proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Kam & Deb Moore. 

Kelly Harsh: Congratulations from all of us. Dad, Mom, Mike, Scott & Doug. 

Dear Pat Core, Good luck in all you do. We are so proud of you. Mom & Bill. 

Love is: Having Debbie for a daughter — Mother & Dad. 

Good luck to a Handsome Devil from his proud parents, Mr. & Mrs. James R. Cannon. 

Donna Ahles, Stay as sweet as you are always. Love, Mom & Dad. 

God bless and keep you, John Michael. Love Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations Terry Kretz. Dad, Mom & Kak. 

Stacye Ann Dill, Congratulations, you made it baby. 

Congratulations Janet Hastings. Mom & Dad, Paul & David. 

To Shirley Stanley; We have utmost confidence in your future achievements. Mom & Dad. 

Debby Nevitt "1 ", You've come a long way, baby. We're very proud of you. Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations to Cindy from the Clemmons clan. 

Tinker: "Many daughters have done virtuously but thou excellest them all." 

Proverbs XXXI — 29. We're proud of you — Mom & Dad. 

Amy Hamilton, Congratulations! We're very proud of you. Love, everyone. 

Brenda Michael, Be happy, stay sweet — We are so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad. 

To Barbara Keller, last but not least. Love Mom & Dad. 

We are proud of you Nancy, Love Mom, Dad, Wes, Earl, Susan and Jennifer Neal. 

Robert Bostic. May the years ahead be as pleasant for you as the past has for us. 

Congratulations, Anne. Keep up your fine work. 

Wayne Rickman — we wish you the best of everything — Mom, Dad, Jim, Vicki. 

Love and best wishes to Leigh Jones. From her family. 

Congratulations, Dan Bethea! No words of wisdom — Just keep smiling! Mom & Dad. 

Lonna Laemmermann, Hope all your dreams come true. Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations to Charlie P. — From a very lucky mother. 

Congratulations to the class of 75. Col. and Mrs. W.D. Bassett Jr. 

Mary DiNardo — Congratulations and love to a great daughter who is fun to have. Mother and Dad. 

Happiness to Sherri in the years to come. Love you. Mom. 

Congratulations & Good Luck David Alger. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Yea Mike Sheehan; You made it and I am real proud of you. Good luck. Love, Mom. 

Pleased and proud to congratulate our son William Eskins, Jr. William and Virginia Eskins, Sr. 

Success is sure when the job is so well done! Best wishes, Al Rodrick — Mom & Dad. 

Lisa Linn. Think Tall! Act Tall! Be Tall! Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations, Randy Ethridge, and good luck to you in the future. Love, Mom & Dad. 

Mary Barrett. Happiness always — now and forever — Congratulations and Love, Mom & Dad. 

Cindy Fisher. May God richly bless you in your forthcoming endeavors. Mom & Dad. 

Kathy, You're Over the Rainbow in '75! The Ruesch's. 

Congratulations, Brenda LaRock. Love, Mom, Dad, Joe, Edie, Jim and Mike. 

Congratulations, Steve Noles, Love Mother and Dad. 

Good luck to a great brother. Love Lisa Noles. 

To Mike: Congratulations, Muck, you did it! Love Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations to David Cassidy. From his mother. 

To Steve Arnold — Congratulations, success & love from all the family. 

Bruce Spry, "May The Road Be Easy The Sun Keep You Warm & The Wind At Your Back". Mom & Dad. 

Congratulations & best wishes to our son Patrick Harold. 

Kurt Petrich. You've shown it's easier to be excellent than mediocre. 

Tracy Bryan I love you, and I am very proud of you. Life is yours: Live it full. Mom. 

Timothy Mulcare. We wish you the very best in life. Mom & Dad. 

Sandra Manby: Congratulations on Graduation. First milestone to gaining your independence in society. Love Mom & Dad. 

Leigh Going, the world is your oyster you're surely the pearl. Mom. 

Lynnae Steeg — Congratulations, love and best wishes. Mother & Dad. 

Congratulations & best wishes for a bright future, Richmond Ramsey. 

Kim Allen. We're so very proud of you — We wish you the best that life has to offer. Mom and Dad and all your family. 

Our Congratulations and best wishes. Bill. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Shanley. 

Good luck and happiness in the future . . . Mr. & Mrs. Matthew M. Ambrose Sr. 

Congratulations to the '75 graduate . . . Mr. & Mrs. Francell M. Abbott Jr. 

Congratulations to our football star . . . Miss Ruth B. McCoy 

Congratulations to my brother the super star . . . Ms. Vivian M. Ambrose. 

Kim Cervell, we are all very proud of you!!! Mom, Dad, Lisa and Denise 

Joe Dahlheimer. Someday you'll understand why we made you retire from the I.R.A. 

Barry, To a wonderful son and friend. Your father. 

Congratulations to Diane Babilon, from Mom, Dad, Jane and Linda. 

Congratulations to a dear son Ken Nelson, With Love, Mom & Dad. 

Love, Health, Happiness, 4th daughter graduate of P. A. — Mother. 




■ ^^ c^ %^ . V^' s-r. 

i J^^ c? 




Princess Anne Peerage Staff 

Sue Pillow 

Debbie Kealley, Bill Taylor. Cathy Mullican, Sue Pillow, Diane Babilon, Lauryn Awbrey. Winnie Stewart, Mike McDaniel, Renee Rinaldi, Tina 
Thomas, Patty Gentry, Lundi Cohen Not pictured Kathy Lee 


integrates community with school 

Mrs. Nancy McGarrah 

Diane Babilon, Business Manager 

Renee Rinaldi, Assistant Editor 


Remembering those we loved . . . 

Mr. Leo Sloniker September 10, 1921 — December 4, 1974 
Craig Smith April 20, 1956 — May 12, 1974 


Editor's Notes 

Mrs. McGarrah, I could write a book to you 
but I don't have the time to do it now. I can't 
believe the last deadline was today. The year 
went by so fast. 

I don't think there is anyone on the staff that 
can thank-you enough for everything that you 
have done, and I know I can never express the 
gratitude I feel. 

I suppose I should start paying you rent on 
your apartment, as much as I was over there, 
and I know I owe you money for groceries! 

You really did make working on the staff an 
enjoyable pleasure, and I am looking forward 
to working with you again next year. 

I don't even look at you as a teacher; you're 
too good of a friend! You proved to me that 
teachers can be human! 

Thank you again for every-thing. 

Congratulations and thank-you to the 1974- 
75 Peerage staff; congratulations for making it 
through the year, and thank-you for making it 
such a pleasurable one. 

The main goal of the staff this year was to 
produce an annual that extended a friendly, in- 
formal impression upon the people who picked 
it up to look at it. We hope that this has been 

Some of our annuals in past years have had 
such a formal, stiff feeling carried through 
them that after you read completely through it 
one time, you never read through it again. Our 
goal was to get rid of this feeling, and present 
you with a warm welcome to our school. 

A yearbook is something that you keep 
around for a long time, something you will look 
at over and over again. Instead of telling our 
school's story by a lot of writing this year, we 
have tried to tell our story through pictures. 

When you pick up your annual ten years 
from now, will you be interested in whether 
your club had a candy sale in February or a 
dance in April, or will you want to look at the 
people you were with in that club? 

These are thoughts that the annual staff this 
year has tried to get across to everyone. 

I hope you enjoy the change that has oc- 
cured this year. I realize that the time of or- 
dering books in December, and the time of 
receiving them in IVIay is a long time, but I 
hope we have made your waiting worthwhile. 
We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this 
book, and we thank-you for putting your trust 
in us by purchasing an annual this year. 
Thanks go to the students who returned when 
their picture had to be taken over for the third 
time, and were still smiling for it. 

It is the students at Princess Anne who made 
this book possible, and we thank you. 

Thanks go to Rene'e Rinaldi, my assistant 
editor (and photo editor!) I know trying to as- 
sign one photographer to take pictures for the 
whole school year and every event that hap- 
pened during that year was a job. Thank-you 
for taking it. I never would have had the 
chance to order all of that film, take all of those 
pictures to be developed and pick them up 
again, go to the beach during the Neptune Fes- 
tival, walk around the malls during the summer 
trying to find people from Princess Anne 
employed there, and all of the other responsi- 
bilities that went with that job. 

Don't forget the yearbook convention in 
North Carolina. I sure am glad that they had 
glass elevators! Thank-you for offering to go to 
the machines to get me something to eat in the 
middle of the night when I didn't know what I 
was talking about anyway, and for running up 
and down the halls trying to hide from people. 

I sure am glad you got hungry at 11:30 at 
night and had a craving for cheese cake, too. I 
would have felt pretty dumb sitting at that res- 
taurant by myself. Don't forget the conversa- 
tion on the elevator. 

"Are you A Leo?" 

"No, I'm just a photographer." 

That was really good, Renee. Mrs. McGarrah 
really did wonder about you, you know! 

Thanks go to Diane Babilon, who had one of 
the dirtiest jobs of the staff. 

I know business manager is a hard position, 
but you really did a good job. 

I still can't believe you got all of the Con- 
gratulatory Page typed in one night, when you 
didn't even know how to type! Thank-you for 
typing the list of honor graduates, too — and 
congratulations! Aren't you relieved there 
wasn't an index this year? I know you were 
dreading doing that, but as usual, with every- 
thing else you did, you were going to do it 
without saying anything. 

That was a quality we didn't see too much of 
this year, and I really admire you for that. No 
matter how bad the job was, you did it without 
complaining, and thank-you isn't enough to say 
for that. 

Many, many thanks go to Patty Gentry. It 
seems that practically the whole annual fell 
upon you for this year, and I can't imagine the 
pressures that that brought to you. Thank-you 
for putting forth your greatest effort to please 
the staff, and we all hope that the satisfaction 
of seeing your photography printed is a great 
pleasure to you. I hope you will be a pho- 
tographer for us next year, when hopefully, the 
whole job will not fall upon one person as it did 

this year. 

Craig, what can we say to you? I suppose 
Senior Class President and annual staff pho- 
tographer really couldn't work out, could it? 
We thank-you for trying it, anyway. I couldn't 
have made it through opening section without 
your pictures, believe me. Thanks tremen- 
dously for taking all of those nature shots for 
me. Your photography really helped me to 
express what I wanted to in the Opening. 

Well, Tina and Bill, by now you ought to 
know what everyone in the school looks like, 
and what their name is! I know classes is a 
boring section, but it can be a pretty interest- 
ing one, too. I'm sure you enjoyed working. 

You two really did do a great job on the lay- 
outs, (even if everybody was identified wrong 
when the galley-proofs came back — you'll 
have to admit that half of the fun was in losing 
everyone's picture right before your pages had 
to be turned in for proofing). 

Like I said, your pages really do look great. 
You gave a whole new look to the classes sec- 
tion this year, and I'm sure everyone will really 
enjoy it. 

I know it took a lot of hard work, long hours, 
and choice words (Bill, are you sure you're 
going to be a preacher?), but I think you'll find 
that after you look through your section, you'll 
see it was worth it. 

Bill, I hope you come back to visit us next 
year. I'm sure Tina and I will be right where'we 
were this year — sitting in the annual room 
whispering and gossiping! Be sure you bring 
some jokes back with you! 

Tina, this has nothing to do with annual staff, 
but a personal thank-you goes out to you for 
listening to me all year, and for caring (and 
showing that you cared!). You were a great 
help to me, because everyone can use a spirit- 
lifter every once in a while. 

I don't think that we were rude, do you? We 
weren't really whispering — we were just 
talking super-low! 

Thanks go to Mrs. Sefert (who I'm sure is 
reading this to see if I have punctuated it cor- 
rectly), and also to Mrs. Edmondson. 

These two teachers let me out of class so 
many times that it wasn't funny, (and believe 
me, they started letting me know that it wasn't 

Seriously, I really appreciate the numerous 
times that you excused me from class, and for 
being late. 

Mrs. Sefert, I'm sorry about the rainbow, but 

I did enjoy the joke. I hope we have enough 
pictures of the Seniors' class symbol to satisfy 
you. (Maybe next year, when the rainbow isn't 
the Senior Class symbol, we can have a 
rainbow on the cover!) 

Thanks go to Joe Lust and Mr. Mcintosh, 
who took club pictures, divider page pictures, 
and most important of all, took the picture for 
the cover exactly as I had it in my mind. 

Speaking of pictures, a special thank-you 
goes to Donna Givens who went to the beach 
to have picture taken for an unknown reason 
(can you recognize it. Donna?), and many 
thanks to Tom, Bill, Debbie and Tina, who went 
with me all the way to the beach in the freezing 
weather for what turned out to be two pictures. 
— I know you people think I'm crazy, but I love 
the beach (even in February). 

Mr. Perry, thank-you for your co-operation in 
helping us to meet deadlines. I hope you 
haven't regretted taking over our account this 
year. I promise next year we're going to do ev- 
erything right, and on time! It was hard for me 
to switch publishing companies after three 
years with another company, but I think I'm 
used to the things that were different, and I'm 
counting on things running smoothly next year. 
I'm looking forward to working with you again. 

I hope we have another convention this year, 
and maybe I won't be afraid to come up and 
talk to you! 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you 
and Hunter Publishing, and thank-you again for 
the help and understanding. 

Kathy Lee, we sure are going to miss not 
having you here next year. You're a fantastic 
worker, and I know the school you go to will be 
more than happy to have you as a member of 
their staff. 

You did more work as a member of the gen- 
eral staff than some section editors did on their 
sections! I only wish we could give you the rec- 
ognition you deserve. 

You can be sure that you would have a high 
position on the staff next year if you were 
going to be here. 

Thank-you can't even be near the words that 
express a feeling for a job that was done as 
well as yours, but I don't know what else I can 

I thank-you for listening to all of my 
complaining when I called you on weekends — 
not only annual complaints, but complaints 
about everything! 

I hope you'll come back to visit us often — 
maybe you can stay up until 3: 30 working on 

Don't forget Sadie Hawkins, and Jeff's great 
knock upon the window! The picture of that 
person' face (no names, please!) would have 
been ternfic to put in the annual. Don't you 

Kathy, thank-you for everything. I'll never 
forget all of the work that you did this year. 

Debbie Keatley, where would the annual be 
without your typing this year? Probably in a 
cover with all pictures and no copy!! 

Thank-you for all of the typing you did on the 
sophomore and senior section. I know what a 
headache that was (I had to do the juniors!), 
but you stuck to it, and got it all done. 

I hope you'll be willing to work on classes 
again next year, because we'll need someone 
to take Bill's place. 

Thank-you again for all of the typing you did. 

Mike, of all people to get the sports section 
as their job, it had to be someone who hated 

I'm sorry about that! 

j6ujL &JJLU^^ 



! 1 

I I 








X - 


The story of a school and its' people 

is now over. 

Where will we all turn now? 

What does the future hold? 






'c^>^ I 

^-^^ "^otC^ 



^-V^ ^ 

°^ o^<,\^ oJ'y ^ 

n irpv\ 

-yjmo 0/ '"Tvvj^ 

^^^. 1,, . 

VU^^- C^^^^-^ -trr\Ji^ O-i- J^^ 

_pi^,^K^^^ Ji Ji^-^UL^ -.e-L^e->» _JLc^J ^ ^ /Ot^^ 

■Xa-^-o-tju^^-^u^ ^-y^a-^y- 0-^\j^ ,f-<^-C^ of -^^ _Z^ G O-^^-c-^^^L.^ 
^t^ \mJU:^ -C/t^e^ StLt± Q/j^yi. /O-tju-v-v-^ J-y^^-z..^, i) 7'^--<^u~rJUt' 

X-xP-cV^ «5-^ (X^y^^^^_^r>^ ^-2,0-^^^^ ^^C^u^U^J '' UXc -^-C',^_^^ 6^-^^>i^ . 

cJL<..<L^ x^ .^.^^-cx^ y^^ ^ .c^^ ^ .^^ ^_.^ ^^. 




Q^Xai dJ-u^ ^^^ 
-6'>^ ^ioOn cd ail 

luck, ^njnif -Af^av - 
um£u^ /Oil ycUjL Xj? /q^ 

'^ cr cy 









vJ<'5^ <5^ ?^,^ \r<^ 

A ^ 



i^ ^ 







mrs. WAic>, 

A\B OUT OF Ci-A^^-. THfifJvdS foR pOTT^K^b Up v^ ^"\ H 

Xlve rcc-VVv^ \ec^.cr\e(^ alo1 -th^s ue/^*2 TK<:^ntls foe -tk^ 

MRS. L)di(i. 

XN +Kebeq(rMnQ cf -fK^<^ ScUcc\ ^<^r 

bu-V- r\6vAj X Krvouj qour prei\\j Avce.- 

, -^^ r 

-<w »^. 

.^ .. " ■'■■'.